Tipperary Institute Record A 50% CAO Application Increase

Dr. Maria G. Hinfelaar, President LIT.

Tipperary Institute, with a campus here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary has recorded a further impressive increase in student applications in 2011, following a record intake of students in 2010. Figures, recently released from the Central Applications Office (CAO) demonstrate this remarkable 32% increase in the colleges applications from students, applying for courses in the college, this year.

The Institute has recorded a mammoth 50% increase for first preferences for its courses and this increase comes despite a national reduction in overall applications to the CAO this year. The numbers of students accepting places at Tipperary Institute has now more than doubled over the last three years, making the local Institute one of the fastest growing third level colleges in Ireland.

Acting Tipperary Institute CEO, Michael O’Connell stated: “This rapid growth in our student applications reflects the growing profile of our innovative courses which will provide our graduates with a rich educational experience and real career prospects. It is particularly encouraging that applications for Tipperary Institute have grown so much this year even though overall numbers applying to CAO are marginally down. It is also encouraging that increasing numbers of local Leaving Certificate students are also choosing Tipperary Institute, where they know they will receive a recognised third level qualification and benefit from a great student experience, but without the costs associated with living away from home.

Dr. Maria Hinfelaar, President of LIT has welcomed the news and states: “Tipperary Institute has been aligning with LIT since December 2009 and following a Government decision in June 2010 will integrate formally with LIT on 1st September.We are delighted with the progress being made by the soon to be LIT (Tipperary). We are closely collaborating on expanding the range of educational opportunities available across all our campuses, and will contribute to the social and economic development of the entire region. Mature learners continue to return to education in large numbers and applications from PLC students to Tipperary Institute have alone increased by some 20%. This year, the Institute will make more places available than ever before to cater for the growing demand for third level education locally.

This fantastic growth in applications includes the BSc.(Hons) in Computer Games Design and Development, which  had a bumper year with first preferences increased by 77%, while community based organisations has seen a 21% increase in applications for Tipperary Institute’s Social and Community Studies Degree.

Students Note: Tipperary Institute will accept late applications through CAO for all courses until May 1st and CAO applicants can also avail of the ‘Change of Mind’ facility until July 1st.

So for a quality third level education on your doorstep, without the heavy burden of accommodation costs to parents and tailored to your specific needs, look no further than Tipperary Institute!

For further information on courses, check Here or simply Tel: 0504 28072,  or why not Email:


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