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Free Local Business Directory

Free Tipperary Business Directory

Businesses operating in Co Tipperary are now invited to join our ‘Local Directory‘, free of charge.

Over 120 product suppliers and service providers have already discovered this free directory and have signed up, in an effort to improve business by introducing themselves to over 1,000 readers each day.

Introduce Your Business To A Wider Audience

If you would like to put your business forward, for inclusion in this free directory, please follow the simple instructions given hereunder:-

  1. Click on the Thurles Directory Tab situated at the top of the Thurles.Info Home Page.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on Submit A Listing.
  3. In the box marked Title – place your Name or Business Trading Name.
  4. In the box marked Link – place your Website Address. (Ignore if you do not as yet have a website.)
  5. In the box marked Email – place your Email address.
  6. In the Category Box – click the down arrow symbol and choose a suitable category which best describes your business activity. (Note: If there is not a category already included, which adequately describes your business activity, ignore and we will be happy to add one for you.)
  7. In the Description Box include your Phone Numbers (Land Line and Mobile), your Fax Number, your Postal Address and any other information which you feel is relevant. Please also use this space to state what Category you would like to be included under, but only if a category is not as yet already available. Please also include here your Facebook address details also.
  8. Then press Submit.

Note: Your details submitted will not appear immediately in this Directory, as, in the interests of security, details will require the approval of our sites administration.

If you would like to include a picture of your Business Premises or Business Logo, please contact our Site direct, by clicking Here to arrange and discuss a Featured Listing.


1 comment to Free Local Business Directory

  • Elizabeth Slottje

    I am researching family and have come across a “Thurlesbeg” residence in Brisbane Queensland in the early 1900’s belonging to William Maher 1846-1921. William arrived in Melbourne Australia I believe with his parents Patrick Maher 1794-1884 and Mary Maher (Long) 1799-1874 from Thurles Tipperary Ireland, in 1859 aboard the ship “Glentanner.” William Maher built a bread baking empire in Brisbane Queensland and owned an opulent mansion there he named “Thurlesbeg.” William married twice, first marriage Bridget Fitzgerald 1866, Bridget died 1904 and William remarried at age 73 to Catherine Ryan in 1913. I have just come across your article about Timothy and Phyllis Maher purchasing 16th century Norman “Black Castle.” There are few if any direct Maher descendants that I have been able to trace, and wonder if there is any relation to this family in Australia.
    kind regards
    Dr Elizabeth Slottje
    Queensland, Australia

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