Templemore Garda Training College – 100 New Recruits

About 100 trainees are to be recruited in the first Garda enrolment since the imposition of the jobs embargo in 2009.

Earlier this year at the Garda Training College here in Templemore Co.Tipperary, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern indicated that a new recruitment campaign would be implemented in late 2010.

Templemore Garda Training College

We can now confirm that the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan had given approved funding for new Garda recruitment.

This campaign will establish a further panel of approved candidates who will be available for ongoing recruitment into the Garda College as trainees.

While headline grabbing local politicians are busy claiming personal credits, through use of Mail, Twitter and Facebook, regarding Dermot Ahern’s announcement, we advise you to please beware.

There are already 300 people on a panel waiting to be called and these have already been put through the recruitment process prior to the last embargo being implemented, and these persons are ready to begin training with immediate effect.

It is unlikely therefore that this new recruitment is excluding those already on the panel and if it includes those on the panel, it will only stretch out, over a longer period, the waiting time for those persons already elected to the panel.

In February this year following early retirement and natural wastage, only 170 Gardaí were promoted as follows:-  120 to Sergeant Level, 28 to Inspectors Level, 14 to Superintendent Level and 8 to Chief Superintendent Level.

But do not let us put you off, best advice for those interested in applying for posts within the Gardaí is to create a profile now at to receive an e-mail job alert, inviting you to apply for any available posts.

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75 comments to Templemore Garda Training College – 100 New Recruits

  • Hi Niamh,
    Regret we are unable to tell you, however, as already stated, the word on the street is ‘not expected before 2012.’

  • Anthony

    Hi was just wondering how long is the waiting list for the recriutment.

  • John

    What is the word at the moment about the current panel and the likely timing of the next intake. I have heard talk of next April but could be pushed back as far as November depending on Budget. Any word down there?

  • One may ask, what’s with the Four, names ?? a long story from 1934, and now tis just about sorted out,??, I may keep the Fogarty -one, even if is also wrong,, Thats life on the 2011 fast lane,, moved a tad from the 30’s .. Amen,, my actual Birth Certs (IRISH -law -then ) are Curtis-Davy-Shelly, but NO Fogarty,, !!!~ UP TIPP.

  • Hi I am 22 years old and have been working in insurance for the past 3 years, after school I did a plc course in business and I passed with good marks however I did fail maths in my leaving cert. Will my business fetac award be enough to apply or will I have to repeat maths.

  • Luke

    Hi, I was just woundering if I could become a member if I do LCA for my leaving cert

  • Sinead

    How do i apply for the guards on ?? If I done a security course in a college of further education would that help me get into the guards ?

  • Sinead, no jobs are available at present however you can register at and you will be notified if positions become available.

  • Sarah

    I would really love a career with the Garda! Has anyone any idea when they are recruiting next?

  • In my days all that was required was a Primary Cert, which I have. Thats as far as I got way back then, but I did manage to progress further many years later, to Maryland Ambassador, for the Hospitality Industry.. FAITH..

  • Treacy

    Hi…I’m 31 yrs of age and have decided to try out a career in the Garda. I only have my Leaving Cert to fall back on. Does any one know if I need any College background to be considered. Kind regards

  • Sophie

    Hello my name is Sophie. I am doing a garda project on the gardai and I need to know how many years do you train?

  • Hi Sophie, Contact your local Garda Station (Tel:0504-25100) as I am not sure of their current training schedule, since no Gardaí have entered the force over the past year. Things may have changed.

  • Sean Berry

    When are the gardaí recuiting again?

  • God only knows Sean, we do not expect anything moving on that front for the foreseeable future.

  • Keith

    HI, I’m just asking would there be any places after June because I am doing my leaving cert?

  • I do not believe, that considering our present economic climate and our lack of ministerial presence at the Cabinet Table, there will be any extra recruits sanctioned within the next 3 years.

  • Kathy

    Hi, I was wondering how long the waiting list is at the moment as I am really interested in becoming a Guard ?

  • Niamh

    Any word on the next recruitment campaign, also is a college background mandatory for people in a similar position too me e.g. people who are a few years out of school. I am 22 years old.

  • Michael

    I am interested in becoming a Garda if I was to try and join the Garda Reserve would that help me get into the Garda force when they start to recruit again?. How would I go about joining the Garda Reserve?. Thanks.

  • George

    Hi Michael: The Garda Reserve is a voluntary unpaid body drawn from the community to assist the existing Service at times when extra personnel are required. See further information HERE and why not drop into your nearest Garda Station and chat to a Garda member for advice.

  • Shauna

    I am 19 and I am looking into doing my leaving cert again to become a stronger candidate for the garda profession. I was just wondering how many points do I need to be in with the chance to become eligible for Templemore college? Will ordinary grades in all subjects be ok?



  • George Willoughby

    Hi Shauna, I am not shure but why not Telephone Thurles No: 0504-25100 or your own local Garda Station. The police can give you an idea of you requirements as they have been through the procedures already and are always extremely helpful.

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