Templemore Garda Training College – 100 New Recruits

About 100 trainees are to be recruited in the first Garda enrolment since the imposition of the jobs embargo in 2009.

Earlier this year at the Garda Training College here in Templemore Co.Tipperary, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern indicated that a new recruitment campaign would be implemented in late 2010.

Templemore Garda Training College

We can now confirm that the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan had given approved funding for new Garda recruitment.

This campaign will establish a further panel of approved candidates who will be available for ongoing recruitment into the Garda College as trainees.

While headline grabbing local politicians are busy claiming personal credits, through use of Mail, Twitter and Facebook, regarding Dermot Ahern’s announcement, we advise you to please beware.

There are already 300 people on a panel waiting to be called and these have already been put through the recruitment process prior to the last embargo being implemented, and these persons are ready to begin training with immediate effect.

It is unlikely therefore that this new recruitment is excluding those already on the panel and if it includes those on the panel, it will only stretch out, over a longer period, the waiting time for those persons already elected to the panel.

In February this year following early retirement and natural wastage, only 170 Gardaí were promoted as follows:-  120 to Sergeant Level, 28 to Inspectors Level, 14 to Superintendent Level and 8 to Chief Superintendent Level.

But do not let us put you off, best advice for those interested in applying for posts within the Gardaí is to create a profile now at to receive an e-mail job alert, inviting you to apply for any available posts.

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75 comments to Templemore Garda Training College – 100 New Recruits

  • Emma

    I wanted info about getting into the garda but I wanted to know if there is a problem getting if you have Dyslexia? If you could let me know I would be greatfull.

  • DToM

    I don’t think having Dyslexia would be a problem in joining An Garda Siochana, I checked the Garda website and went into the career section but it didn’t say anythin about having Dyslexia. If you didn’t study Irish at school due to being Dyslexic, it won’t be a problem coz they do teach some Irish at the college. It only mentions defective vision/hearing etc. as being a possible bar to joining.

  • Amy

    I’m doing my leaving cert this year and am extemly interested in joining, but I wont be 18 until november 2011 and was wondering would you advise going ahead with college before applying for the garda as they may not be recruiting next year?

  • My advise Amy ‘Go to College’ and see how future events progress.

  • DToM

    Amy i would advise you to leave it a couple of years before applying for the Gardai, because i know of members who joined when they were 18 and never got the chance to travel to another country for 6 months for example, as the force does not offer sabbatical leave. They have also said that you get older very quickly in the job, due to the strain from it.

  • Ioan

    I want to be a garda so badly. I am extremely fit, I play 6 different spots and I only get b`s and a`s in secondary school.

  • Sinead

    Hello. I would like to know would you be able to apply for the guards if you are doing leaving cert applied?

  • Hi Sinead,
    Regret we cannot help you here but why not give Thurles Police station a buzz. Personnel on duty I am sure would be willing and able possibly to advise you, since they have ‘been there and done that’.

  • DToM

    Hi Ioan, judging by your name I would imagine you are from a foreign country?? Which would be an big advantage in joining the guards if you’ve two languages. What year are u in at secondary school?

  • Siobhan

    I am interested in applying for the next recruitment process. Do you have to stay in Templemore accomodation if you have a family?

  • Hi Siobhan,
    For questions like this E-mail the Appointments Office –

  • Joleen

    I’m currently in college (2nd year) in Social Care, I have 2 more years of college to complete. I have my heart set on joining the gardai after college. Should I apply in 2011, just to get my name on the list (hopefully won’t be called yet?)

  • Joleen,
    Get your name on the list by all means. We cannot confirm, but we suspect that the introduction of speed cameras being operated by an outside agency, could suggest that promised new garda recruiting may be in the short term a non runner.

  • Joleen

    Thanks for the advice george.The only thing that would worry me is being called for an interveiw and not being able to go, then spoiling my chances of being called again in the future.

  • Joleen, I don’t think it would spoil your chances, once you reply quickly to any forthcoming invitation, explaining your particular circumstances, when declining any offer. Remember the secret to financial success is education and if further education is the reason you decline an offer, this is very acceptable to any reasonable future employer.

  • Derek

    Does anybody else think that this recruitment campaign may be put off due to the political mess at the moment?

  • Paul

    Hi Derek, I believe this will have a major impact on the recruitment campaign! Ive applied and have done countless courses to strengthen my chances of been selected for the next intake.Unfortunately much to my disgusted today like everyday I checked public-jobs to see any updates as to when and if the next intake will commence only to find the section on the intake 2010 has been erased. I also have read recently that the clowns in power are looking to decrease the garda numbers by 1400 by 2014 most of which will come from retirees I imagine? So the outlook for the future is bleak to say the least!

  • Derek

    Totally agree paul, things look very bleak but who Knows once a new government comes in. Maybe there’s a glimmer theyll recruit.

  • Felicity

    I want info about joining the garda is there a problem if you are a type1 diabetes? could you let me know.

    Thank You

  • Can anyone help Felicity with this question?

  • Paul

    As far as I’m aware people with Diabetes are unable to join An Garda Siochana!Although it is not put in writing as it would cause uproar a person with diabetes wont pass the medical.However if you are already an acting member of An Garda Siochana and become a Diabetic you can still keep working!This is the pits because my Partner is a diabetic and is really interested in becoming a member of An Garda Siochana.She fulfils the educational requirements and is physically fit, exercising regularly and is also a world champion kick-boxer but However, she will not even be considered for selection and she to will be over-looked if she takes the medical.Hope this helps Felicity

  • daniel

    I am in 5TH year in school and would like to get into the mounted gardai, how does it work ?

  • Shaun

    I was just want to know if you have dyslexia and never did it at school nor a 2nd language but have a college degree can you join.
    Regards Shaun

  • DToM

    Daniel, I too am in 5th yr. according to the garda website once you graduate from Templemore you have to do 3 yrs normal GARDA service before you can apply to join a specialist unit e.g.mounted unit. Hope that answers your Q

  • Sarah Jane

    I have recently applied to the gardai, but I am wondering, if I do get in, how will I be stationed, as I am a mother of one child which was born premature and have hospital appointments to attend. I have been told they will take this situation into consideration but I may be stationd 30 km away from home, following backround checks?. Can anyone help me with this question?

  • Luke

    I am 17 years old and would like some advice regarding joining the gardaí. If there happens to be a recruitment process in 2012 which happens to be my leaving cert year, and by some miracle I get accepted, should I join the gardaí straight off or go to uni first? Is it not true that you can earn increments in the gardaí when you have gone through uni and got an degree. If so, again could I ask what particular degree would help me personally when joining the gardaí. Thanks.

  • Hi, I would really like to be a guard , how many years do you have to stay in templemore ? im confused please tell me everything

  • DToM

    Hey Sinead, from the GARDA website; “Basic training is divided into 5 phases and lasts two years. Initially, students spend 22 weeks at the GARDA College in Templemore followed by a period of 24 weeks spent at selected stations, and further training at the College.” So altogether it should be less than 2 years Sinead. Just go to GARDA website for all other info.

  • Breda

    Hi. I’m interested in joining the gardai but I am very short sighted, I wear glasses and contact lens. I have heard you cannot join if you have a problem with your sight. Is this true? And if I had laser eye surgery would I be able to join?

  • Mickey

    Tip for everyone. I am a reserve at the mo….you will all need to join that if you are to have any chance of getting in,,,We were told this down in the college (and the waiting list for the reserve at the moment is two years. and recruitment will be in 2014 for the fulltime memebers. so as the Sergeant said to me….get on with your life, go travelling, go to college, seek other employment.

  • Dean

    Hi Mickey,does this mean that reserves get a better chance of getting in than the normal applicant ? regards dean.

  • John

    Hi I was just wondering do you need Irish or is it just 2 languages? and also would u recommended doing a pre-garda course before applying to the gards?

  • Andrew

    Hi lads,
    Does anybody know when the recruitment is going to start and when will the application form be out on

  • Elaine

    I just registered on public, when is the next recruitment. Im 20 and have a Diploma in health and fitness is this an advantage?

  • DToM

    Reserves in general have a better chance getting into the Gardai than normal applicants. You need two languages to get in, 1 of which must be Irish OR English. In saying that you are taught a small amount of Irish in Templemore, regardless. I heard the next recruitment process takes place mid-2014. Hope that helps guys.

  • DtoM,
    I think you have summed up the recruitment process situation correctly.

  • Blair

    Hi, Can you join the mounted unit if you have not worked with horses before or have not done horse riding before? Thanks

  • Eric

    I live in Cork city and thinking about becoming a Guard. Would I have to stay in Templemore and when would I be allowed to go home.

  • DToM

    Eric, you do stay in accommodation in Templemore in traditional ‘guys in one building, girls in the other’, and like normal college you get to go home weekends.

  • Serena

    I am a leaving cert applied student and I have to do a plc in social studies applied for one year when i fill ou the application form for templemore college when would i find out if i have been acccepted or even if they have got the application?

  • Hi Serena,
    I am not sure what information exactly you require in your recent comment.
    Perhaps you could let me know through the ‘Contact Us’ tab (top of Home page) and give me a clearer picture of what information exactly you require.

  • Serena

    Ok could you answer this. If I have registered on do I have to wait for a text to say they are recruiting before I fill out an application form?

  • Fill out the application form and will contact you when a vacancy arises. Sorry to say “Don’t hold your breath” as new recruitment is not expected until possibly 2012 at least. But best of luck with your future plans.

  • serena

    I can’t find the application form where do I find it?

  • Hi Serena:
    Create a profile at to receive an e-mail job alert, inviting you to apply for any available posts.

  • Steve

    Is there a certain age you have to be to join the garda reserve. eg Over 18?

  • Steve, I am not sure, logic would indicate yes, but give your local police station a call.

  • DToM

    Yes Steve you can be any age over 18 for the reserve, for more info go to the Reserve page on the GARDA website

  • Niamh

    Hi, Just wondering when is the next garda recruitment?. Thinking of doing a PLC course which would be the best one to do. Any help would be great thanks.

  • Niamh

    Hi just wondering when the next recuitment campain is thanks?

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