No New Garda Recruits For Templemore Training College

The final group of 126 student Gardai will graduates from the Garda College in Templemore, Co Tipperary, next Thursday and there will now be no new students in training, due to the moratorium on recruitment with effect from that date.

Presently, there is no indication when any further new students will begin training at the Templemore college and fears are being expressed that experienced Garda officers nationally will now begin leaving the Republic’s force in the coming months.

Present Gardai, employed here in the Republic, are also expected to be attracted by a new recruitment campaign, targeting their members, by the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) who are launching a campaign designed to attract senior officers from existing police forces both in England and the Irish Republic, thus providing an increased policing service in the North to effectively meet current terrorist threats. Financing of this new recruitment drive, by the PSNI is being provided by an additional grant of €245m to the PSNI earlier this year, to assist the Northern Ireland force in combating serious security threats, posed by criminal dissident republicans.

This student vacuum created at the Templemore College is now expected to result in a redeployment of some experienced training officers and other staff, who will be offered operational duties elsewhere, while the immediate future of the college will be become dependant on ‘In Service ‘ and ‘Pre Retirement Courses,’ providing some work for the few remaining full-time personnel.

The Republic’s overall Garda Force now stands at 14,000 and the Government have confirmed their intention to reduce this number by up to 1,000 members by 2014.

Templemore and Thurles view this situation as a serious financial blow to both town’s local economies.


9 comments to No New Garda Recruits For Templemore Training College

  • Emma

    Hi, I’m just wondering what is actually needed to get into Templemore garda training college?

  • Hi Emma, It is unlikely that any new recruits will be sought in the near future due to the embargo & if new recruits are indeed sought there are likely to be recruits already accepted, that will go forward for training first.

  • Shauna

    Hi, I was just wondering, I won’t be sitting my Leaving Cert for another two years and would there be any point in me taking on this career in the future due to the recruit system?

  • Hi Shauna,
    Yes, but first things first, get the best Leaving Cert possible. Remember the best credentials are always the most acceptable to any future employer, regardless of which career you choose.

  • Patrycja

    Hi. I would like to know if I apply for recruitment this year,would I get accepted because this is what I am really looking forward to do in life and I am completing my Leaving Certificate in 5 months so I would like your advice. Thank you.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Patrycja,
    Best to have a chat with your local police station. Presently there are little government recruitment opportunities for the Irish Police, due to the financial state of our country. I suspect from your name that you speak possibly Russian or at least another foreign language fluently. This certainly should help in any future application.

  • Beatriče

    Hello! I was just wondering, would I be able to apply in somewhere around 3-4 years to join the Irish Police force? I’m from Lithuania, and speak English, Lithuanian, some Irish, studying German in school, understand a little of Russian and self studying Japanese. Also, would joining the Defence Forces before applying to the college be a plus to getting the job? i.e. It will improve physical strength, weapon handling, loyalty, etc. And if not, what would be a big bonus? 🙂

  • George Willoughby

    Answer to your first question is yes. Your knowledge of languages is certainly an advantage as Ireland rapidly becomes a multi cultural society. I suggest that you contact your local police station and make arrangements to speak with a police woman. She will be able to better advise advise you.

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