Seemingly Endless Billions For Fianna Fáil Friends Trust

Deputy Noel Coonan TD

Deputy Noel Coonan said North Tipperary’s 2010 Housing Allocation is more than €10million less than 2009’s allocation and there is “little reason” for his Government colleagues in North Tipperary to celebrate this dramatic decrease in funding.

Deputy Coonan stated:

“This year’s allocation provides for just over €15 million for North Tipperary County Council and three town councils in comparison to more than €25 million in 2009. While this funding is welcome, it is not remotely adequate. During these tough economic times, people who are under severe pressure and looking for a council house, will now see the waiting list grow enormously. There will also be less incentive for people to carry out essential repairs to their existing homes which will lead to further depression for the already hard-pressed people of North Tipperary. These cutbacks reflect the Government’s attitude towards the people of Ireland while there is seemingly an endless supply of billions for busted builders and Anglo Irish Bank, better known as the ‘Fianna Fáil Friends Trust’. We recently witnessed detrimental Government cutbacks when it was revealed that North Tipperary’s 2010 road grant allocation was almost €5million less than in 2009 and fell very short of what was needed to repair the Beirut Blitz on our roads. Now we have another wave of savage cutbacks from this ineffective and inadequate Government.”

This €10 million reduction includes more than a €7million decrease in the ‘Housing Supply’ to North Tipperary. This funding goes towards local authority housing, rental accommodation scheme allocation and capital assistance scheme.
The remaining €3 million shortfall stems from ‘Housing Improvement Works’ which include remedial works, energy measures and extensions.

Deputy Coonan continued:

“Fine Gael believes that with 345,000 homes on the market, that there is a glut of housing out there. The Government should be making the necessary resources available to block purchase homes at a serious discount to the current market price and house those on housing lists throughout the country rather than putting €40 billion of taxpayers’ money into the deceased bank known as Anglo Irish.”


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