Mulkear River Gets €1.75 Million Funding

A European Commission funded proposal to clean up one of Ireland’s most populated salmon rivers was recently unveiled in the Strand Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick.

The European Commission has agreed to fund the proposal to the tune of  €1.75 million to repair the environmental damage done to the Mulkear river and its many smaller tributaries.

Rising in the Slievefelim and Silvermines mountains in North Tipperary, the Mulkear joins the river Shannon just below Annacotty in County Limerick and has a catchment area which covers some 650sq km. The river has been identified as home to a large variety of rare habitats and protected species and has been designated as a special area of conservation under the EU habitats directive.

This fund provided for the Mulkear project will be spent on improving these habitats for species such as Atlantic salmon, latter which have spawned in the river for many thousands of years. The river is also a natural habitat for the native European otter and lamprey eels.

The Mulkear river ranks among Ireland’s most populated salmon rivers and is home to some 15 fish species as well as being an important habitat for the native Kingfisher and the White-clawed crayfish.

In recent decades the non native giant Asian Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed have partially invaded stretches of the river and this project aims to reverse this unnatural damage.

The Shannon Regional Fisheries Board will lead other project partners, which  include the Office of Public Works, The National Parks and Wildlife Service, Farming Organisations and the County Councils in Limerick and Tipperary, in this exciting environmental project.


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