€100 Million Grants For Homes Of Older People

Michael Finneran

Mr. Michael Finneran, T.D., Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Developing Areas, has announced a capital provision of €100 million for grants to improve or extend the private homes of older people and people with a disability in 2010.

This allocation does not include expenditure by local authorities on improving and extending their own social housing stock.

The allocation represents a  31% increase on the initial allocations to local authorities over the previous year, 2009.

In relation to Tipperary, the initial allocation provides a figure of €1,651,250 for North Tipperary and  €3,126,666 for South Tipperary County Councils.

These grants will be administered by the named local authorities in accordance with a framework laid down in statutory regulations, which, as far as is practicable, is designed to give an appropriate degree of flexibility to local authorities in addressing the housing needs of older people and people with a disability in their jurisdiction.

The Department provides recoupments to the relevant authorities as follows:

66% of costs in respect of claims received on foot of Disabled Persons & Essential Repairs Grant Schemes.

80% of costs in respect of claims received under the new Adaptation Grant Schemes for Older People and People with a Disability.

The news will be much welcomed by older residents and those people with a disability in the county.


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