Suir Catchment Flood Risk Assessment – Reminder

I refer to our blog of January 12th last which announced that the Office of Public Works (OPW) have issued an open invitation to all interested individuals and groups to attend their Public Information Day which will outline studies undertaken on the River Suir Catchment Flood Risk Assessment project and recent study.

We reminder you that this discussion takes place today Tuesday 26th January, between  3pm and 8pm at the Source Library, Thurles.

It is therefore important that as many people as possible attend during the course of the evening, to further discuss this study with the qualified personnel in attendance.

The purpose of this information day will be to gather feedback about public perception of flood risk and public experience of flooding. While providing valuable information, it also will give the public an opportunity to comment.

All feedback received will be used, together with further analysis, to select the preferred Flood Risk Management options for the Suir catchment area.

This discussion is in all our interests due to the likely increase of flood risk in the future, caused by changing climate, development and other environment pressure.

In encouraging local residents to attend Thurles Town Councillor Gerard O’Brien stated:

“The River Suir is the lifeblood of Thurles.  It is really important that it is properly assessed so that people of Thurles can continue to benefit from it, as opposed to fearing it.  The residents of Thomond Road and Kavanagh Place have indicated that they are delighted that their houses didn’t flood this year for the first time in a number of years.  All stakeholders need to be proactive in respect of managing the river in the best way possible.  I can say that the Town Clerk was instrumental with the staff in persuading the Office of Public Works to do the huge work during the summer.  Hopefully we will remain safe going forward.”

Note Your Diary: Today Tuesday 26th January, between 3pm and 8pm.


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