17 Million Euro Wasted On Failed Decentralisation Plan

liberty-square-south-westIt has come to light than €17 million has been wasted on decentralisation sites across the country after the Government partly scrapped plans to move staff out of Dublin. The Government has no plans to sell the sites, which have lost significant value, even though it has abandoned plans to build offices on them until public finances improve.

Under the plan, 10,000 civil servants were to move to 53 locations around the country. But in October’s budget, Finance Minister Brian Lenihan said a number of projects have been deferred “in light of the changed economic circumstances”.

Close to €60m has already been spent buying sites in 20 locations where construction has not yet begun. The Government intends to proceed in 14 of these cases. But six have been put off, leading to the waste of:

  • €967,500 on land in Thurles.
  • €8m on a Waterford site.
  • €2.1m on land in Dungarvan.
  • €2.9m on land in Cavan.
  • €1.8m on a site in Thomastown, Kilkenny.
  • €1.5m on land in Edenderry.



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