Littleton and Horse & Jockey Bypassed and The Farm Installation Scheme

The Tipperary villages of Littleton and Horse & Jockey are today enjoying a new lease of life with the removal of 16,000 vehicles per day from them.

Independent Deputy Michael Lowry (Pictured here turning on the Thurles Christmas Lights) has welcomed the official opening of the Cullahill to Cashel road project by the Minister for Transport, Mr. Noel Dempsey T.D. over 7 months ahead of schedule.

The new road involves 10.5 kms of motorway between Cullahill in Co. Laois and Urlingford in Co. Kilkenny and 29 kms of dual carriageway between Urlingford and Cashel in Tipperary.

Michael Lowry expressed his happiness at the early delivery of the project that will cut journey times, improve safely standards and reduce congestion.

Speaking to Thurles.Info Michael Lowry stated:

“I am delighted that such an important piece of our national infrastructure has been delivered in such a timely and effective manner. The credit for this has to go to all parties involved including the councils, the land owners and the contractors. From a Tipperary point of view, I feel the real winners today are the villages of Littleton and Horse & Jockey who are now in a position to plan for an exciting new future without the massive throughput of traffic and congestion that they have endured for years.”

Young Farmer Installation Scheme

On a totally different issue, Michael Lowry today spoke to Thurles.Info regarding his recent meetings with the Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith on the issue of Installation Aid for Young Farmers.

Deputy Lowry had been making strong and robust arguments to the Minister over the past week regarding the importance of this scheme for young farmers, attempting to set up their holdings.

Following these discussions the Minister confirmed the following to Thurles.Info today:

  • That applications that were in the pipeline but not completed by the 15th of October will now be addressed.
  • That eligible young farmers who are currently under the age of 35 and who continue their training will not be excluded from the scheme when it reopens.

Speaking to Thurles.Info Deputy Lowry stated:

“I am delighted to get these important commitments from the Minister. Over the course of its existence the Installation Aid scheme had been vital for farm restructuring, the establishment of young farmers and the encouragement of the transfer of land to young farmers.The scheme is one of few ways in which the Government can encourage new blood and assist farmers. We all recognise that cuts in government expenditure are required in the current economic climate, but the cut to installation aid as announced in the budget adversely affected young farmers who where attempting to establish themselves on the land. I am pleased that the Minister has recognised these concerns and has issued commitments to me in respect of the arguments that I have put forward to him”

This statement has been approved by the Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith in advance of publication.

Info: The objective of Young Farmers Installation Aid Scheme is to encourage young people to establish themselves in farming. The value of the scheme is a once off €15,000 payment. This scheme was agreed under Social Partnership for 2007-2013 and is co-funded by the EU. The Scheme is 42% co-funded by the EU and is vital to facilitate the smooth and early transfer of farms.


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