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November 2015
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Children Injured In Tipperary Bus Crash

garda crestInvestigations are under way by Gardaí following an accident between a minibus which was in a collision with a car, in the south of the county yesterday evening.

It is understood that the minibus was carrying several children on board.

The accident happened at around 5.30pm yesterday evening, near Whitelands, New Inn, Cashel, Co Tipperary. Emergency services including two units of Cahir fire brigade were summoned to the accident scene.

Several persons, including children, were taken to South Tipperary General Hospital, as a precaution.

It is understood there were no life-threatening injuries.

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Thurles – Pothole Study Under Way By NRA Officials

Local County Councillors have discovered in recent days that a large pothole has emerged on Barry’s Bridge in Thurles, Co. Tipperary. In fact same has been there since Xmas last but somehow went unnoticed until last Tuesday’s monthly Co. Council meeting.

Mick was the first to arrive at 8.30am this morning, whistling “Sliabh na mBan,” (Irish Translation – ‘Mountain of the women’) as he free-wheeled down Liberty Square, Thurles, on his rusty ‘High Nelly’ bicycle; to come to a staggered halt on Barry’s bridge.

“Bejasus you are out and about early Mick,”  said I.


Pothole found on Thurles bridge. NRA to investigate.

“Yea,” Mick replied, “I was told to get my arse down here pronto; some emergency regarding the surface on this bridge,” he continued, as he untied his shovel from the crossbar.

“Are we in danger Mick,” said I smiling.  “Wouldn’t think so”, said Mick, “but some feckin County Councillor leaked information to the local radio station this morning, from yesterdays County Council meeting; now it appears panic is spreading locally.  Don’t forget it’s an election year and according to the NRA (National Roads Authority) Minister Alan Kelly could be recalled from his debate on ‘Climate Change,’ taking place today in Rome, in the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis.”

“Begob that sounds serious Mick,” said I, quickly tripping lightly to firmer ground on the Kobii Cafe side.

Having secured the bike, Mick, shovel in hand, joined me.

“You know this feckin bridge has always been a problem,” confided Mick. “It would be back in the 80’s shortly after the mother died; I was home from England for the funeral. I was on the way back when I discovered she had willed me the cottage instead of me sister, so I remained here and joined the dole. I had worked spreading tarmac for McAlpine, across the water and he had gotten a few jobs over here, so he approached meself, Paddy Ryan and Johnny Connors; (God be good to both of them)  to work on this same bloody bridge.”

“All of us were claiming Social Welfare at the time but working quietly on the side. McAlpine’s foreman, Mousey Flynn, gave us our instructions and told us to remember, if any Inspector from the Social Welfare office came sniffing around, to give him a false name,” continued Mick.

“Sure,” Mick continued, “Johnny said, yes Mousey, but what if he catches us unaware like and we can’t think of a name fast enough?”  Mousey replied “Look, are ye feckin stupid or what, in a case of difficulty just look around and use one of the names written on the shop fronts in Liberty Square.” (Before he headed off himself to find a snug corner in the Arch Bar.)

“I can see straight away why Mousey was chosen as your foreman,” says I.

“No listen you ejit!”  says a frowning Mick.  “About an hour passes and as sure as God, lo and behold, a Social Welfare fraud officer turns up“Right now ye three” says he approaching us, “Ye’re under suspicion of working whilst claiming the dole; give me your names,” he yelled.  “Well” said Mick, “I looked around and seeing Hayes’ Hotel said, ‘Mick Hayes’ sir. 

Paddy Ryan looked briefly around and spotting Dempsey’s Ladies Drapery  (I believe, Paddy spent a lot of his life viewing Dempsey’s Ladies drapery, if you understand my meaning.) and lowering his gaze yells ‘Paddy Dempsey’ sir.

According to Mick, the inspector then turned to Johnny Connors yelling “And you, what’s your name?” to which Johnny replied “Buck” sir, I’m an American”.  The Inspector glared at Johnny before demanding “And your second name Buck ?”  Johnny replied backBuck Worm, sir”

“Listen,” said Mick ” I’ll let you go; I’m off to break open me flask of hot Bovril, before the feckin NRA officials land in on top of me and Alan Kelly and Noel Coonan start announcing one new job in Thurles.  If I had me way I’d just fill that feckin hole up with 2 small shovels of cold tarmac and be finished with it “

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MIC To Incorporate St. Patrick’s College Thurles

St Patrick's College, Thurles

St Patrick’s College, Thurles, Co. Tipperary

Yesterday Mary Immaculate College (MIC), latter founded in 1898, announced an expansion of its geographical footprint, following their incorporation of St. Patrick’s College, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

St. Patrick’s College, Thurles, has been long synonymous with education dating back to 1837. Indeed the foundation stone was laid in the presence of the Great Liberator, Daniel O’Connell in 1829.

Today, the Thurles College offers four concurrent degree programmes which are designed to prepare students to become second-level teachers. These programmes are validated by the University of Limerick and are accredited by the Irish Teaching Council.

As a result of this announced incorporation, which is expected to take place formally in 2016, MIC will become a multi-campus institution offering 9 undergraduate degree programmes in Education and the Liberal Arts, as well as a wide range of continuing professional development offerings for teachers and numerous postgraduate opportunities at Masters and PhD level.

This incorporation will now consolidate the position of MIC as the most significant provider of initial teacher education outside of Dublin and Prof. Michael A. Hayes President of MIC, paid tribute to the current President of St. Patrick’s College, Fr. Tom Fogarty, commending him on his stewardship of St. Patrick’s College since May 2004.

The welcome announcement for Thurles was also greatly acknowledged by Mr. Tom Boland the Chief Executive of the Higher Executive Authority (HEA), whose officials were closely involved in the negotiations between MIC and St. Patrick’s College.

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Death Of George Ralph, Two-Mile-Borris, Thurles

DeathIt is with great sadness we learned of the death on Saturday, September 12th 2015, of Mr George Ralph No. 10, Cluain Na Seimre, Two-Mile-Borris, Thurles, Tipperary / Dublin

The passing of Mr Ralph is most deeply regretted by his partner Joan, sons Paul, Brian, Tony and Richard, Nancy and Sean O’Dwyer (mother-in-law and father-in-law), brothers Harry, Joe and Billy, sister Phyllis, daughter-in-law Rachel, grandchild Finlay, brother-in-law, sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces, relatives, neighbours and a wide circle of friends.

Funeral Arrangements.

The earthly remains of Mr Ralph will repose at his residence on Tuesday evening, September 15th 2015, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.

Cremation will take place in Newlands Cross Crematorium, Ballymount Road, Dublin 24, on Wednesday, September 16th, at 1:00pm.

May He Rest in Peace.

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News For Pensioners & Those On Welfare

j burtonThere may just be good pre-election news for Pensioners and people in receipt of Social Welfare payments, announced today.

Our Tánaiste and current Minister for Social Protection, Ms Joan Burton, has publicly stated that single people will get a Christmas bonus of €115 this year, while couples will get €220. Same constitutes a rise of some 50% on last year’s Christmas bonus payments which had been scrapped during the Ireland’s recent economic downturn.

Ms Burton also confirmed publicly that next month’s budget statement will see increases to investments into health, education and childcare.

If true, in real money terms this announced 50% bonus would mean an extra €115 this December for a person in receipt of an Irish Contributory Pension, and close to some €220 extra for a couple in similar circumstances. This bonus would also mean an extra €102 for a Carer and would be further increased if that carer has children.

However remember this is a pre-election announcement from the Labour Party who may not be in power after October’s promised budget and who in past pre-election assurances have shown their guarantees to be just about as useful as ‘an ashtray on a motorcycle’.

When it comes to Labour Party promises, perhaps it is best wait and save any promised bonus for the January 2016 sales.

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