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September 2014
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Attention Tipperary Freight, Logistics & Transport Sectors

Mid-WestIreland’s Mid West Region consists of counties Clare, Limerick and North Tipperary, along with Limerick city; latter which is the regional capital.

Freight, logistics & transport sector stakeholders from industry, government and business support agencies, local authorities & academia will discuss how the Mid West Region could become a strategic freight logistics hub with direct connections to some of the world’s global logistics hubs.

This workshop event is taking place at the Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick, from 8.30am to 2.00pm, on Wednesday May 28th 2014

The themes of the ‘Sustainable Freight Gateway’ Stakeholders Workshop include an examination of the existing conditions and opportunities for Mid West region transport modes & freight logistics, and European Funding Programme opportunities.

There will be a series of presentations and demonstrations on a range of issues including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for Freight Transport, new on-line Geoportal of key infrastructures in North West Europe, new brand for the Limerick-Shannon Sustainable Freight Gateway, Port of Portsmouth new Track & Trace System, demonstrator of Inter-modal Route Planner, the Shannon Estuary and Green Freight Europe, while there will be a CNG freight vehicle on-site.

Facilitated by the Mid-West Regional Authority, the event is being supported by Limerick City & County Council, Shannon Airport, Irish Exporters Association, Shannon Foynes Port Company, Irish Road Haulage Association (IRHA) and the National Transport Authority.

The workshop event is being co-financed by the Weastflows INTERREG IVB EU Project, which aims to improve and enhance freight logistics across a west-east axis in the North West of Europe through a combination of freight mapping, innovative technology and a drive to promote sustainable logistics.

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Thurles Crokes AC Members Raise €10,000 For Charity

Three Thurles Crokes AC members Billy Phillips, John O’Shaughnessy and Declan Doherty, (Pictured here standing between ladies Colette Charles, representing Irish Autism Action and Martina Leamy, representing Pieta House), presented cheques to two very worthy causes; Irish Autism Action and Pieta House on Thursday night last, following the conclusion of their major fund-raising event, by running the Boston Marathon on the 21st April 2014 .

All three participants would like to thank, most sincerely, all those that supported them with their funding raising efforts, which allowed them to double their originally sought target of €5,000.

Well done to everyone involved.

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Templemore/Thurles Councillors Face Employers On Friday

“In the House of Commons before a Motion is passed, the Speaker stands up and uncovers his face.
But in our house of commons (Our Toilet) before a motion is passed, the speaker sits down and uncovers his arse.”

With nine well paid jobs up for grabs after polling on Friday evening next, the very least that I would have expected was that one of our eighteen hopeful candidates from the electoral area of Templemore/Thurles, would have furnished their Curriculum Vitae (CV) in reply to my outlandish tirade of May 15th last. Alas not a word from anyone.

Last year our 49 (Reduced to 40 next Friday) Tipperary County Councillors earned almost €1.4 million. In North Tipperary 21 county councillors received over €630,000 altogether in salaries, including allowances, fees and expenses. Our 28 County Councillors in South Tipperary received over €760,000. These figures illustrate that the average amount paid to North Tipperary’s county councillors in 2013 was €30,170, slightly higher than the national average of just under €30,000.

These figures also illustrate that despite decreasing slightly from 2012, the average amount paid to North Tipperary Councillors in 2013 was higher than that paid in 2010, when they collected an average of €28,372 in similar salary and expense payments. No austerity there then for these double jobbers then, thank God.

Local-Tipp-CouncilDespite numerous thorough searches of my Google Mail, my Facebook, my Google+ and my LinkedIn, absolute silence – nothing. I even checked all my missed calls on my land-line and mobile phones and had my Windows 7 upgraded to 8.1.1, but not so much as a ‘chirp’ from a solitary soul. As a last resort I undertook a background check on my postal delivery man, just in case something lay unnoticed in his little green van; result – still nothing.  As you, my readers will all be well aware; my request of earlier this month I believe was fair and reasonably straightforward.

Readers will remember that the information I sought concerned only the achievements accomplished by Councillors during their last five years in office. I was anxious to learn what each future job seeking Councillor had achieved, realized, attained, brought to fruition, pulled off, actually accomplished or fully completed, on behalf of ‘the ordinary people’ who placed them previously in high office. I had pointed out that we the ‘same ordinary people of Tipperary,’ did not want to hear, what they had discussed with “strong voices,” or about the work achieved by their senior political party colleagues in government, which they themselves had “welcomed,” fearful of Dublin’s lash from a party whip.

It would now appear that Irish Labour Party politician and Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton has indeed got it correct; recently made redundant Councillors down here in the electoral area of Templemore/Thurles are not actively committed to seeking full-time employment.

Is it not reasonable for an employer to seek out only top quality employees? Should we ‘the ordinary people’; the Employer if you will, not be viewed in the role of ‘Hirer and Firer,’ deciding on whether employees were worth rehiring again, based on their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and References received from their last places of employment?  Not unreasonable, I think you will all agree.

Down here in the long grass of our forgotten electoral area of Templemore/Thurles presently, what Political Party you may belong is really of ” feck all importance,” to quote the words of Paddy Ryan, discussing austerity issues with me over a pint in Hayes Hotel last Tuesday night.

Continue reading Templemore/Thurles Councillors Face Employers On Friday

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Ursuline Convent Fittest School Girls In Ireland

ursuline crestIts official; Ireland’s fittest girls in 2014 are students attending the Ursuline Secondary School, based here in Thurles, Co Tipperary.

A total of 13,067 students (7,242 boys and 5,825 girls) from 26 counties across Ireland successfully completed the Aviva Health’s Schools’ Fitness Challenge for 2014.

Not only were improvements in fitness observed amongst participating students after the relatively short period of exercise intervention, but the results show that boys are now 45% fitter than girls compared to 60% fitter last year, meaning that girls are closing the gap in fitness levels compared to boys.

It should be noted that students who completed the Schools’ Fitness Challenge experienced, on average, almost a 19% improvement in their fitness levels.

For schools not as yet taking part, note, further information is available on Aviva Health’s Schools’ Fitness Challenge 2014 and to view participation & fitness maps for all Irish counties, please click Here.

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Death Of Daniel O’Donnell’s Mother Announced

It is with great sadness we report the death of Mrs Julia O’Donnell, mother of Daniel O’Donnell and mother-in-law of Thurles native Majella O’Donnell, latter both country singers and reality television stars.

Mr Julia O’Donnell passed away at 3.50am this morning at the ripe old age of 94. Country singers Daniel and his wife Majella announced the news on Daniel’s official website this morning.

Mrs O’Donnell died at Dungloe Community Hospital in Co Donegal, surrounded by her family. The Co Donegal native Daniel, aged 52, had rushed home from Scotland, where he had been performing on Monday night last, to be at his mother’s bedside.

Here in Thurles on Friday last, Daniel briefly sung at a Mass in the Cathedral of The Assumption, for his wife Majella’s father Mr Thomas Roache, latter who also regrettably passed from our midst, before rushing back to Donegal by helicopter to be at his mother’s side.

Mrs Julia O’Donnell had been predeceased by her husband Francie more than 40 years ago and had raised her five children, John, Margaret, Kathleen, James and Daniel single-handed. In more recent times, she had moved residence to live with her daughter Kathleen in Kincasslagh and had, as was her very gentle nature, spent a lot of her time knitting, producing gloves for both Queen Elizabeth II and woollen socks for His Holiness the Pope.

From the people of Thurles to Daniel and Majella, and their grieving families, go our sincere sympathies on both these very sad occasions.

Go ndéana Dia trócaire ar a anam dílis.

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