N75 Kickham Street Thurles – Section 38 Of Road Traffic Act 1994.

Liberty Square to Anner Hotel Pavement improvement scheme.

Tipperary County Council Road Traffic Act, 1994
Traffic Calming Measures on N75 at Kickham Street, Thurles

Readers are invited to first read “Councillors To Consider Traffic Calming On Kickham Street, Thurles, On Monday” by clicking HERE

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act, 1994, Tipperary County Council hereby gives notice of its intention to carry out traffic calming measures on the N75 at Kickham Street, Thurles.

The traffic calming measures will form part of a pavement improvement scheme which extends along the N75 at Kickham Street from the junction with Mitchell Street to the 100kph Gateway and the works will include the following;

  • Road re-surfacing for a distance of approximately 1200m.
  • Footpath improvement works at defined locations.
  • Improvements to existing surface water drainage to alleviate existing surface water drainage issues.
  • Traffic calming works (the subject of this notification) as detailed below.
  • Improved pedestrian facilities including installation of additional uncontrolled pedestrian crossings.
  • Provision of revised road signage and markings.

The following traffic calming works will be included as part of the pavement improvement scheme;

  • Narrowing of carriageway running lanes to 3.25m wide (10.66273ft) on the mainline N75 approaches to the Mill Road roundabout
  • Minor design change to existing layout of Mill Road roundabout
  • Minor realignment of a section of N75 mainline carriageway to facilitate roundabout improvements

Drawings and particulars of the proposals are available for inspection at the Thurles Municipal District Offices, Castle Avenue, Thurles, Townparks and may be inspected during normal office hours from Thursday, 16th November, 2023 to Monday, 18th December, 2023 inclusive (excluding weekends and bank holidays).

Submissions regarding the proposed traffic calming measures clearly marked “N75 at Kickham Street, Thurles – Section 38” may be made in writing to Marcus O’ Connor, Director of Services, Tipperary County Council, Civic Offices, Limerick Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary on or before 4:30 p.m. on 8th January, 2024.

Signed: Marcus O’Connor (Director of Services, Roads & Transportation)


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