Tipperary ‘Road Patchers’ Fail To Appear.

The people of Thurles have long learned not to trust locally elected councillors or elected politicians, when their lips move.

Further proof, if proof was ever in doubt, was the statement published on the Facebook page of Councillor Mr Sean Ryan, dated March 28th last 2024. View HERE. (Note: Cllr Ryan has a habit of removing comments, especially from me; from his social media pages, so this statement of his may also vanish.)

Mr Ryan had stated that, quote, “Temporary repair work will commence on Kickham St. in Thurles, on Thursday April 4th & Friday April 5th. The major scheme for Kickham St. will commence in the summer.”

The people of Kickham Street, Thurles waited all day, today April 4th, and as expected, the potholes in the road surface got deeper and the gravel and muck from previous weeks of patching, continued to hop of the front window of my home, same encouraged courtesy of failings by town engineer Mr Thomas Duffy, in what I refer to as the (view link) “Duffy Pothole Solution.”

Damage caused by the ‘Thomas Duffy Road Surface Solution’ of pothole drainage.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

I had fairly pointed out, on Cllr. Ryan’s Facebook page, that an email received by me from Ms Sharon Scully, (TMD administrator), contradicted his timeline of work scheduled for the busiest road in Thurles town, which had been initially highlighted continuously over the past 3 years.

Ms Scully’s email [dated Wed, 27th March, 18:46] read: “I can confirm that I have been to Kickham Street many times including over the last number of days and weeks.
I can further confirm that the construction phase for the N75 Liberty Square to Anner Hotel scheme in Thurles is scheduled to take place between August and December of the current year.
Temporary patching of the road will continue until this permanent work can take place.

Sharon Scully.

20.32 centimeters (8 inch) deep crater normally filled twice weekly on Kickham Street, Thurles.
Pic. G. Willoughby.

Ms Scully’s reply, having visited Kickham Street, as she stated ‘many times’, further is proof that this county, at least, is governed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland and not by Tipperary Co. Council officials or local Councillors.

I had also pointed out that Cllr. Ryan was involved in an advanced form of electioneering with local elections scheduled on the immediate horizon. (Pictures sent and my comment were removed by Cllr. Ryan in case Mr Micheál Martin might refer to his Facebook.)

Road surface today on Kickham Street, Thurles, (April 4th, 2024.)
Pic. G. Willoughby.

Yes, An Tánaiste Mr Micheál Martin was in Two-Mile-Borris yesterday, canvassing. He later dropped into the Arch Bar in Liberty Square, Thurles. Those rubbing of his suit jacket, included TD Mr Jackie Cahill, Cllr. Sean Ryan and European candidate Ms Cynthia Ni Murchu. (His arrival was unannounced.)

I am convinced his formal procession, latter riding in motor vehicles, entered Thurles via Mitchel Street, for surely Mr Martin would have asked why the road surface on Kickham Street, was in such a 3rd world condition entering a town.

I await my request, sent some weeks ago, on how to appeal against property tax payments made over the past 3 years, same request having been sent to the Minister for Environment, Climate and Communications, Mr Eamon Ryan, (, and the Minister for Finance, Mr Michael McGrath, (

I notice TD’s within the present government set themselves above replying to requests made by those who elected them.

Is An Tánaiste, Mr Micheál Martin fully aware that the name Fianna Fáil will most likely vanish within Co. Tipperary over the period of the next 3 elections, [Local, European, and General], due to total political indifference, shown by elected representatives of his political party.

Meanwhile, with regards ‘Temporary patching‘, the waste by Tipperary Co. Council continues.


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