Large Truck Rearranges A Half Upgraded Liberty Square, Thurles.

A large 25,000 pound vehicle, latter attempting to pass yet another large vehicle, which was offloading its cargo on Liberty Square, Thurles, has made some changes to the now only half upgraded Liberty Square in the Town centre.

Liberty Square, Thurles rearranged.

The vehicle was obliged to drive over the kerb up unto the flowerbed in order to pass the correctly parked vehicle, ploughing peat unto the narrow single traffic lane.

This rearranging of a flower bed has happened where an already erected directional sign had previously stood in August of 2022.

We note from those who contact us here on Thurles.Info, that housewives with babies and small children, latter required to operate baby seats and seat bases in the rear of their cars, are now avoiding the Liberty Square area. They claim that there is insuffecient room to keep a rear car door open, while strapping in their offspring’s.

But sure what is the worst that can happen in this instant? The peat, now bulldozed onto the narrow single street lane, will be washed into a nearby drain during a heavy rain shower, thus joining the other host of blocked drains in the town.

The Liberty Square, upgrade began officially on August 17th, 2020, and to date, over 3 years later, same has only been half finished.

Question: Is Tipperary County Council in serious financial difficulties or is it evidence of their poor ability to administrate?


3 comments to Large Truck Rearranges A Half Upgraded Liberty Square, Thurles.

  • Jenny Moore

    The other large Truck should not have been driven up onto the path! It put pedestrians at risk by mounting the footpath and potentially injuring people walking on it! It’s not called a “Footpath” for nothing!
    Your comments are attempting to make light of a dangerous occurrence which is so wrong! Shame on you!

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Jenny, You have gotten “the wrong end of the stick” yet again. It is not a footpath used by pedestrians; it is a flower bed as stated. Surely the pictures indicate that? The ‘dangerous occurrence’ of which you write is the fault of the street design. Do you bother to read anything properly? Line three: “This rearranging of a flower bed……. etc should have given you a clue.

  • Katie

    George. I just had to let you know about the following.
    RTE had a program on the other night. Cricklewood Homeless. England. It was all about the Ireland forgotten generation. It was so sad and was recorded about 3 years ago. These men were elderly and homeless. We just could not believe what we were watching. George the Irish Government send thousands of Irish Tax payers money to all Irish support association in England and Australia. I know the one in Brisbane get $90.000 every financial year and I am sure all these associations in and around England get the same. I have said many times. The Irish Government should stop this and look very careful how this money is spent. The majority of people I speak to have no idea these Associations exists. Something very wrong. It was terrible to see these elderly Irish men in that position.

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