Warning: Thurles Road Hazards.

Motorists and the drivers of long high sided vehicles are being asked to drive with extreme caution coming up to the Nenagh Road Roundabout.
During the course of last night or early this morning, someone or rather something collided with a motorway, directional, road signs on the R498 roundabout, leading onto the Jimmy Doyle Road or back into Thurles Town.

Nenagh Road, Roundabout, Thurles.

one section of the sign, for the past 10 hours at least has remained swinging over the inner lane of the roundabout, and persons failing to operate proper diligence could lose their wind-scream and/or severely damage vehicle bodywork.

Road Craters

Meanwhile, vehicles travelling south on the N62 Section of Brittas Road, Thurles, and the junction of Brittas Road and Cuchulain Road, (travelling both westward and sothward); please note expect to encounter giant road craters.

Centre of the junction between Brittas Road and Cuchulain Road.
Brittas Road, outside Veterinary Clinic.

Someone joked with me the other day that to get a pothole filled in Thurles town, local councillors are insisting that local residents apply for planning permission to Tipperary Co. Council; hence the long delays.


1 comment to Warning: Thurles Road Hazards.

  • Ursula Paine

    George, I live just before that roundabout, beside Colaiste Mhuire. I take my life in my hands every time I try to leave my own home. Between artics and fast cars, it can take up to 10 minutes to cross the road. I have repeatedly asked for pedestrian crossings on all sides of the roundabout but to no avail. Personally I was sure that I was going to die at the top of the JD Rd. I was so taken aback at the speed of a vehicle that I fell over on the road. Someone somewhere needs to care about the safety of our town and its environs, not to mention the people who live here. Ursula

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