Another Piece Of Thurles History Removed Without Consultation Or Consent Of Electorate.

Read first, HERE, an extract from Tipperary County Councils Corporate Plan (2020- 2024).
Their unkept promise, to “Continue to enhance and protect the built, heritage in Tipperary and to work in partnership with key stakeholders, to deliver a high quality heritage service that will serve the people of Tipperary and attract visitors to our count.”

The above statement is yet another commitment which Tipperary Co. Council has successfully been allowed to weasel out of and row back on. And no, I am not further raising the issue of the now completely destroyed, historic Great Famine, Double Ditch.
However, local people should be made aware that yet again, another piece of Thurles history has been, eradicated, without any consultation with the people of Thurles.

I refer of course to the 170 year old Victorian Turnstile Gates, [known locally as the Swinging gates], once found positioned beside and south of Lidl supermarket, on Slievenamon road (N62); same leading east on the river Suir pedestrian walk way.

My attention was drawn to its absence on meeting several motorcycles and numerous silent electric scooters travelling at speed on what was supposed to be a pedestrian footway.

Thurles Victorian Turnstile Gate Gone.
Pic. George Willoughby.

On questioning a member of the local districts council’s workforce, I learn that this Victorian Turnstile gate is not, as I had foolishly believed, stored in the Parnell Street, County Council storage shed, but has been simply given away by as yet an unnamed senior official within Tipperary Co. Council, without any consultation whatsoever with local people.

Does this mean that the Turnstile Gate (Swinging Gates), on the junction between Emmet Street and Thomond Road will also be removed?

Matching Thurles Victorian Turnstile Gate at Thomond Road Junction.
Pic. George Willoughby

We now have a situation, where parents walking with young children, need to take great care and control when coming out onto the N62 thoroughfare, as there is nothing to protect either pedestrians or small unsupervised children.

Obviously, ignorance now hopes to “Position Tipperary as a holiday destination for domestic and international markets”, latter yet another promise in Tipperary Co. Council’s Mission Statement which the latter has successfully been allowed to weasel out of and row back on.

It had been hoped that this Victorian Turnstile gate would have been returned to its opening with a robust pedestrian-safe, self-closing, “Ball Fence Swing Gate” at the side, latter to accommodate access for wheelchair users.

Thurles people should note: These gates were unique to Thurles town – find me another image of such gates on the internet. Note, how the capping stones were tied together (See Pic 2) using forged iron staples held in place with lead filling.


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