Part Of Thurles Historic Great Famine Double Ditch Completely Eradicated.

“Our heritage is about our past, our present and our future and contributes greatly to the quality of life in our urban and rural communities. It is shared by all and is fully inclusive. Interaction with our heritage not only provides physical and mental health benefits but contributes to overall well-being, while biodiversity is an essential component in the functioning of our environment”. Mr Joe MacGrath, Chief Executive, Tipperary County Council.

“The aim of the plan is to connect the citizens of Tipperary to their heritage and to make it an integral part of everyday life at the core of our communities”Cllr Siobhán Ambrose, Tipperary County Council.

“Our heritage is a precious asset and one we must look after. Part of looking after it is to raise awareness of what it is and its value to us as citizens of Tipperary.”Cllr Roger Kennedy, Tipperary Heritage Forum.

See HERE just in case we have misquoted any of the 3 persons above named.

Historic Thurles Double Ditch Eradicated
Pic. G.Willoughby

As the sun sank slowly on our western shores today, yet another piece of Thurles history, namely the Great Famine Double Ditch, has been totally and wantonly obliterated; without the consent of the electorate, and sanctioned by those we elected to serve both our town and county.

Our report on March 4th, 2022 (which can be viewed HERE) was accurate in its assessment with regards the removal of “Whitethorn”. The workforce involved were instructed to remove the 5ft high common hedgerow trees, to facilitate the removal of their lower trunks today, by heavy machinery. The law of the land stipulates that it is an offence to destroy vegetation on uncultivated land, between the 1st of March and the 31st of August each year. [as set out in Section 40 of the Wildlife Act 1976; as amended by the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 2000; and the Heritage Act 2018].

Mr Seamus Hanafin in particular who attempted, on radio and social media, to stage a personal PR stunt, together with his colleagues and council officials, and certain individuals within Thurles Lions Club, should now feel both guilt-ridden and deeply ashamed of their actions in this matter.

We know when councillors and politicians are telling lies – their lips move.

Under the Roads Act 1993, it was the responsibility of the local authority, in this case Tipperary Co. Council, to protect the public’s right to access this Public Right of Way, Mass path and Historical Artifact.

Where a local authority proposes to extinguish a public right of way it is required that the local authority (Tipperary Co. Council) must publish a notice in a newspaper circulating in the area specifying the place and times (being a period not less than four weeks) where a map indicating the right of way proposed to be extinguished, may be inspected.

Affix a copy of such notice in a prominent position at each end of the public right of way proposed to be extinguished and leave it in place for a period or periods which shall in aggregate, be not less than fourteen days.

Afford an opportunity to persons making objections or representations and who so request in writing, to state their case at an oral hearing conducted by a person appointed by the local authority and consider the report and any recommendation of the person so appointed.

None of the above regulations were adhered to by Tipperary Co. Council (Joe MacGrath Chief Executive) or indeed Thurles Municipal Council (Ms Sharon Scully, Thurles District Administrator).

Elected public representatives must now answer for this total, wanton, destruction of this Great Famine cultural and historic artifact, which saved the lives of some 80 starving families, here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary, in 1846.

A copy of this report (by email) has been forwarded to:-;; and, dated March 24th, 2022.


6 comments to Part Of Thurles Historic Great Famine Double Ditch Completely Eradicated.

  • Michael

    Very sad to do away with history.

  • George Willoughby

    It is ironic that in 1846 the business people of Thurles put bread in the mouths of some 80 large families, through the building of this Double Ditch. Some 176 years later, in 2022, bread has been removed from the mouths of local business people, courtesy of Thurles elected reps. We will be highlighting further this disaster shortly, and further highlighting it before next national and local elections.

  • Dennis

    The very people that are entrusted with the task of protecting Tipperary, and in this instance Thurles’ heritage, are the vandals…..shame on them!

  • George Willoughby

    It is actually much worse than that Dennis, but all will be revealed in the coming days. This also involves failures within national government.

  • Dennis

    It’s a very damning and shameful tale, but thanks George for keeping us all informed….no one can plead ignorance!

  • Liam Duggan


    Shame, shame, shame on the very people entrusted to protect and enshrine our history. The callous disregard and sheer unwillingness engage in any discussion is beyond belief. Without our history both national and local we are rudderless and deprive the next generations of that stability that ones sense of place and time imparts to us…..who we are and where we came from. Small wonder there exists such cynicism among the people with regard to politicians especially when they choose not to engage. As you so eloquently put it…if their lips are moving ………. Thank you George for your persistence in keeping this front and center.

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