Tipperary Nodding Cowslips.

An extract from the poem ‘HUMANITAD’* by Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde, (1854 – 1900).
[* From the Latin word meaning “Human Nature”.]

Cowslips, Co. Tipperary.
Pic. G. Willoughby.


Full winter: and the lusty goodman brings
His load of faggots from the chilly byre,
And stamps his feet upon the hearth, and flings
The sappy billets on the waning fire,
And laughs to see the sudden lightening scare
His children at their play, and yet, – the spring is in the air;
Already the slim crocus stirs the snow,
And soon yon blanched fields will bloom again
With nodding cowslips for some lad to mow,
For with the first warm kisses of the rain
The winter’s icy sorrow breaks to tears,
And the brown thrushes mate, and with bright eyes the rabbit peers


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