Cable Contractors Demonstrate Contempt For Thurles Residents

Contractors laying cable on Ikerrin Road, on the east side of Thurles town, have demonstrating their contempt for local residents and Irish Water (Uisce Éireann).

The company contracted we understand by ‘eir’, having dug up pavements in the area and in repairing same, using tarmacadam and a vibrating wacker plate compactor machine, have refused easy access to domestic water metres, latter owned by Irish Water.

Easy access to each of these metres is important, since meter boxes also contain stopcocks, latter controlling the flow of water going to individual private houses.
Same over the past week have been left buried in compacted tarmac.


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  • Chris

    I think this was SIRO/ESB Networks, not Eircom. Eircom has already rolled out its FTTH. SIRO is rolling out it’s FTTH and there are a number of TLI vans blowing and splicing fibre.

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