Clonmel – Highest Incidents of Drug Detection in Co. Tipperary

Half of Co. Tipperary’s drug-dealing detections this year; up to October 3rd, were made within the Clonmel Garda District. Same data was confirmed by the Tipperary Joint Policing Committee at a meeting on Friday last.

It emerged that half of the Co. Tipperary’s drug-dealing detections this year; up to early October, were made in the Clonmel district, accounted for 45 of Tipperary’s 90 drug-dealing detections. However this could also mean that Clonmel Garda District are better at drug detection, than indeed other Garda districts.

Certainly, Gardaí within the Clonmel District were aware one year previously; in 2021, of an escalating trend in the use of cocaine.
Back then, Gardaí were aware that Cocaine use in and around Clonmel had increased by up to 70% and was then the main drug of preference for those using drugs in Clonmel and its immediate hinterland, including the townlands of Fethard, Carrick-on-Suir, Kilsheelan and Mullinahone.

Local drug dealers continue to source their supplies from criminal gangs operating from Dublin and Limerick, with gangs brutally targeting young people, who often owe them thousands, due for repayment. Rail passengers using the rail line running through Thurles, between Heuston Station, Dublin and Colbert Station Limerick regularly recount tales of drug dealings.
Innocent, law abiding, family members are regularly being threatened because of a family member’s failure to pay drug debts.

While elected local politicians and councillors continue to focus on calling for extra Gardaí, the real solution is much more obvious. If every community in the county were to take full responsibility and personal ownership of the problem; same could be successfully dealt with by discussing these issues with Gardaí, instead of living in fear, while attempting to sort drug debts in-house and alone.
If users were given a promise of no prosecution, if they named their supplier, then Gardaí drug-dealing detections could be greatly increased.


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