Dangerous Cast-Iron Tree Grate On Liberty Square.

If you are out and about in Liberty Square, Thurles, over the coming days we beg you do take care.
Assuming you can stomach the ferocious stench of sewage, emanating from manholes in the area, which is particularly foul this evening; we ask children in particular, please do watch out where you put your feet.

Broken cast-iron tree grate on Liberty Square Thurles.

Immediately outside the Ulster Bank building, a cast-iron tree grate, of the type installed at the base of trees to guard the soil and rooting systems; was broken almost a month ago, during the Thurles Musical festival in early July.

To date same has not been replaced. This grate could be responsible for tripping up that rarely observed consumer, who as they run to avoid the stench, could suffer a nasty fall.

With regards to the stench on Liberty Square, we understand that same problem has been examined by ‘Irish Water’, but results communicated, if any, to council officials are being kept close to their chests, with again the electorate being kept in the dark, yet again.


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