First Ever Large Seizure Of Counterfeit Coins In Ireland.

The public are being warned to be aware of the possible circulation of fake €2 coins, following a seizure by Gardai of counterfeit currency with an apparent face value of €2,920.

Gardaí confirm that the seizure is the first large seizure of counterfeit coins here in Ireland.

During the seizure last July, one person was arrested/charged and has already appeared before the court last month.

We also understand that bank assets to the value €73,986.62, have also been frozen.

While it is difficult to identify suspect coins the following is advised:-

  • Use a magnifying glass, to compare suspected coins with known genuine coins.
  • Suspected coins offer poor quality image detail. Suspected coins offer a different coloured ring or core and are missing edge lettering.
  • Coins are a different size, thickness, diameter and weight, or are found to have incorrect spelling and font.
  • Some counterfeit coins will bend.
  • Genuine €2 coins are slightly magnetic and by using a magnet you should be able to lift the coin up, before shaking the coin off the magnet with relative ease.

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