950 Persons To Be Conferred With Irish Citizenship.

The first in-person Citizenship Ceremonies in over two years will be held on Monday, June 20th 2022, in the INEC Arena, Gleneagle Hotel, Muckross Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry.

The ceremonies will be held at 11.00am and 1.30pm with registration for the first ceremony beginning at 10:00am and the second ceremony at 12.30pm on Monday, of the aforementioned date.

Minister for Justice Mrs Helen McEntee TD, together with retired High Court judge Mr Bryan MacMahon and retired District Court judge Mr Paddy McMahon will be presiding over the ceremonies and conferring Irish citizenship on an expected 950 people.

Ireland is a sovereign, independent country and has rules and laws about who is entitled to Irish citizenship.

Most Irish citizens were automatically Irish when they were born. Before January 1st 2005, everyone born on the island of Ireland was an Irish citizen by birth. However, following an amendment to the Constitution of Ireland, citizenship by birth is now no longer an automatic entitlement to everyone born on the island of Ireland.

If you are born abroad, you are entitled to Irish citizenship if your parent was born in Ireland. If your grandparents were born in Ireland, you may also be able to claim citizenship through the Foreign Births Register.

Residents of Ireland who have come from abroad can apply to become Irish citizens, through naturalisation.

Citizens of Ireland are also EU citizens, which means that they can live, work and study in any other EU member state.


2 comments to 950 Persons To Be Conferred With Irish Citizenship.

  • Katie

    Unbelievable George. Does a small island like Ireland have the room for all these people? But then I suppose being in the EU, Ireland may not have much say in it.
    We got Labor in here now George and already the boats are queuing up to enter Australia. Three boats have already been turned back. Labor will ruin Australia – already started. Queensland is been swamped with people from Melbourne and Sydney all selling up and coming up here. Rental property’s are asking for $1,170.00 per fortnight. Every thing sky high.
    But George we were going to down size but not now. Not much point in that when the prices of properties are sky high. Hope George you are all keeping well. You certainly have lovely warm weather not like it here its only 24 degrees today. Stay safe and look after one another.

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Katie, Trust you and your famly are keeping well. All are good here.
    Yes, prices world wide are out of control. There is a greed out there presently, which I fear will cause unnecessary unrest and instability across the globe. Stay safe.

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