Census To Take Place On Sunday, 3rd April 2022.

As we know, census results are widely used across all sectors of society. They provide vital information to help plan for services such as health, education, transport, childcare / care for the elderly and taxation, in our communities now and into the future.

There are 11 household questions and 33 questions to be completed for up to six individual people per questionaire, who are present in the household on census night. Information is available on each question and guidance on how to answer them.

The CSO held a consultation process in late 2017, inviting views on changes to the census form. Over 400 submissions were received from members of the public, government departments, interest groups and other organisations.

New questions included in this years Census refer to: – Renewable energy sources, Internet access and devices, Smoke alarms, Smoking, Working from home, Volunteering, Childcare and Travelling home from either work, school or college.

These topics were selected after a public consultation and a pilot survey.


2 comments to Census To Take Place On Sunday, 3rd April 2022.

  • Katie

    George, I am still laughing at these unbelievable Census questions.Like smoke alarms. Smoking. What has the internet access got to do with the Census. I see the Government Departments and others. Yes they need this information. Sure I think perhaps George one needs to keep an eye on household bills. Good luck anyway.
    I am not sure George if you saw the terrible floods and storms we are having. Our house Phone and computers are out for 3 weeks now. Goodness knows when NBN will turn up to fix them. At least George we are getting back to normal. No masks required etc etc.
    George I was wondering if you could help me out. My brother Sean is buried in Melbourne and my sister Margaret and myself are anxious to put a head stone on his grave. But I am at a loss how to put something in Gaelic on his head stone. Any suggestions George. I will include Eire what do you think.

  • Michael

    Will they want to know how many times a day I f*rt?

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