Mother Nature Please Help.

No, most definitely, storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin had absolutely nothing to do with this dumping spectacle, which today sits, welcoming tourists into the town of Thurles.

This spectacle which has been clearly in view for well over one year on the main thoroughfare into Thurles Town, at Wrensborough; to any weary traveller, latter burning rubber westward, in an effort to locate the Wild Atlantic Way.

Meanwhile, when tourists and other discerning strangers flee the area in disgust, they will do so in the sound knowledge that our local Thurles Municipal District Officials/Councillors, despite their creative curricula vitarum (CVs), at election and other times have little or no idea, or indeed ability to administrate.

Please God, the mild Winter/Spring seasons, which we have all enjoyed here in Thurles over previous months; will see Mother Nature bursting forth with the energy and drive that it takes to push new life skyward, thus covering up our wanton discretions.


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