Music Of The Nation

Music Of The Nation

Courtesy of Thurles Author & Poet Tom Ryan ©

Mysterious notes so charm my Celtic heart.
Sad, sombre, beautiful, merry, free.
Thoughts, sentiments of fellow Gaels that dart
Through my soul – fine melodic history.
The music makers – dead – still haunt with joy,
Kickham, Davis, Moore – that legion of repute
Whose notes of majesty will live for aye,
To make the cripple dance and dare the mute.
To nerve the shattered soldier – fast refrain.
To melt the hardened heart, a song of woe.
Such fire to stop a regiment in its train
And cause the flickering heart once more to glow.
The music of a nation strong and proud,
Fiery as flames and sombre as grey clouds.

From “Cherry Blossoms” by Tom Ryan, “Iona”, Rahealty, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.


3 comments to Music Of The Nation

  • Katie

    Tom absolutely beautiful and so meaningful. Another one for my collection. And my expat seniors especially the ones from the south of Ireland will thoroughly enjoy me reading this with my Irish accent.

  • Michael


  • Katie

    George.I just received a beautiful Christmas card from my cousin Teresa Kelly in Fethard. She posted it on the 12th December 2021 and arrived at my address today 25th January 2022. But its what we call a real Christmas Card with Robbins and snow and cottages with snow on their roofs. Even Fethard written under Christmas Greetings. I can assure you George you would never see anything like it here. Hope you are all looking after one another and keeping safe. God Bless.

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