Warning To Thurles Motorists Travelling South On Slievenamon Road.

The Thurles.Info ‘eye in the sky’ reported early this afternoon that the glass cover of a street light is dangling dangerously overhead, close to Town House Deli, on Slievenamon Road, Thurles. Co. Tipperary.

The matter was reported to Thurles Gardaí, at approximately 2:30pm, who in turn notified the Thurles Municipal Council offices via Nenagh.
However, to date the matter has not been rectified.

This street light cover is presently swinging in the wind and could break from its moorings.

Please do take care and if you are residing in that area, please move parked cars from the immediate vicinity.


3 comments to Warning To Thurles Motorists Travelling South On Slievenamon Road.

  • Pat.

    Again no accountability. Probably the responsibility of the electricity supplier to Tipp. Co. Co.!!! All ok until someone gets hurt.

  • Chris

    This would be the responsibility of SSE Airtricity who have public lighting contract. unlike ESB Networks, they take weeks to replace or repair damaged street lights. Village of Bouladuff was waiting weeks for streetlights to be repaired. Weren’t these streetlights meant to be replaced? I’d complain to interreg about this

  • George Willoughby

    Hi Chris,
    You are indeed correct, but in order to get the problem logged with Airtricity you must contact Tipp Co.Co.
    The call has been logged a second time, and it is interesting to note that personnel in Tipperary Co.Co agree that it could be weeks before Airtricity get to deal with the problem. Local government is heading down the tubes, again nothing for our LPT. Surprised we as a nation haven’t taken to the streets.

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