Kickham Street Thurles Seriously Flooded.

East on Kickham Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Kickham Street, here east of Thurles town Co. Tipperary this evening, remains seriously flooded, following a severe rain storm that brought our Mediterranean weather to a swift halt.

The problem which has occurred this evening in the area is as a direct result of negligence by Tipperary Municipal District Council officials, who have ignored their responsibilities in the need to unblock drains in the area.

Photographs were sent on March 10th last, (Five months ago) explaining the problems on Kickham Street to the Thurles Municipal District Council engineer and to local elected councillors, which were totally and deliberately ignored.
Tipperary County Council can confirm same by viewing the numerous pictures sent to “Customer Service Desk” reference number T-151500-F3F1 and “Customer Service Desk” reference number T-151595-Y1S0.
Alas, there may be a Tipperary Co. Council “Desk” but regretably NO “Customer Service”.

Same flooding now threatens houses in the immediate vicinity of Aldi Supermarket and the entrance to Monakeeba housing estate.

Sewage manhole covers have been lifted by rising water and pedestrians and motorists are being asked to take great care.

Gardaí also confirm flooding on Friar Street in the town.

West on Friar Street, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

We understand that buildings in the area were flooded out, including Lacey’s Butcher Shop and Mason’s former plummers premises.
Two units of Thurles Fire brigade were called to pump out the area pictured above, with the street completely closed during the operation.


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  • Michael


  • Pat.

    A scandal to find that the drainage system has again failed the people of Thurles. Butler Avenue recently resurfaced…where were the drains? New Liberty Square but still overcome by rain and flooded. Is this bad design or are the drainage points not being cleaned as was done 70 years ago!
    Where does responsibility fall?

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