A Case Of Talkative Parrots

Lorikeet Parrots

The little old Thurles widow woman approaches her parish Rector and shyly confesses to him, “Reverend Jones, I have a problem. As you known I live alone and I recently purchased two Rainbow lorikeet, talking parrots; both female, to keep me company, but whenever I am hostess to visitors in my home, they regularly keep repeating an embarrasssing phrase. They each keep saying – Hi, I’m hot; do you want to fool around?”

“That is terrible!” says Rev. Jones. “But stop worrying, I have a solution to your problem. Bring your two female parrots over to my house tomorrow. I will put them with my two male African Grey, talking parrots. I’ve taught them to pray and read passages from holy scripture.
My parrots will then teach your parrots to stop repeating suggestive filth, and they also will learn to pray and worship their great creator.”

Next day, the widow woman brings her two female Australian parrots to the local rectory.

There, in a large silver metal cage, sits the Rector’s two male African Grey parrots. One parrot is slowly turning the pages of a large King James edition of the Bible, while the other one sits with his eyes closed; reciting prayers taken from the Book of Common Prayer.

On the suggestion of the Rector, the widow puts both her female Rainbow lorikeet parrots in with the talking male parrots. The female parrots look at each other before, in unison, stating, “Hi, I’m hot. Do you want to fool around?”

One male parrot looks over at the other male parrot and screams,
“Put that Bible away stupid, can’t you see our prayers have just been answered!”


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