Five Fun Easter Games For Family Members.

For an extra bit of family fun this Easter Sunday, why not play some of these great Easter games. Each one requires nothing more than a few materials that can easily be found around the house. What’s more, each game can be played indoors or outdoors and can be played by kids of all ages.

Easter Egg Hunt.

Easter egg hunts on Easter Sunday have grown increasingly popular in recent years. In the most basic version of an Easter Egg Hunt, chocolate or toy Easter eggs are hid indoors or around the garden. Participants search for eggs, collecting as many as they can find and placing them in their Easter basket or bag. You can add a competitive element by having a time limit and declaring the winner as the person who found the most eggs. For even more ideas for an Easter Egg hunt click HERE.

Draw the Bunny.

Anyone familiar with the classic “Beetle Drive” game, will understand how to play “Draw the Bunny”. All you need is paper, pencils and a dice. For a full set of instructions visit the excellent games resource “Family Games Treasure House” by clicking HERE.

Egg and Spoon Race.

There’s nothing as fun as an egg and spoon race and it’s no wonder the game has been around for generations. Get out your spoons and eggs. Put an Easter spin on things by substituting hard boiled eggs for chocolate ones.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny.

This game puts an Easter spin on the traditional “Spin the Tail on the Donkey”. The game is simple. One player is on and blindfolded. In their hand they have a cotton tail. On the wall there is a picture of a bunny. They are spun around three times and have to try and place the cotton tail on the bunny. For the bunny, you can draw one or cut one out from a picture. For the cotton tail simply use a piece of cotton wool with sticky tape attached.

Roll the Egg.

Another race game, this will have everyone in stitches. Using chocolate or hard boiled eggs, participants have to roll their eggs with their nose from the agreed start to the finish line. Lots of silly fun to be had with this game.

We wish all our readers a very Happy Easter.


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