Miracle Products For Your Spring Clean.

Here at we’re in no doubt that Thurles homes are among the cleanest in the County, given the positive email response to our recent Spring Cleaning Tips and Hacks article.

For all our readers aiming to have their homes shining by the end of the season, here are four miracle products which help greatly with your spring clean.

Anyone who lives in Thurles has had to deal with the problem of limescale built up on showers, taps and basins. It’s like scrubbing rock!
One of the most effective limescale removers, thankfully, is the everyday ordinary white vinegar sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

Spray or soak the area covered in limescale with vinegar, leave it for about 20 minutes and the limescale should more easily scrub away. Beware however, Vinegar isn’t safe to use on all surfaces because of its acidity, so be careful to check that it doesn’t damage certain surfaces.

Another great cleaning hack with Vinegar is the dreaded black burnt pot. Yes, it happens to everyone. You get distracted from your cooking and suddenly where once stood a delicious pot of food now lurks a burnt smell and a black pot end.
It can take hours and cycles of scrubbing and soaking to fix the problem. Indeed many a pot has found itself on the scrap heap after burnt on food.

Next time this happens don’t throw out your pot or spend hours scrubbing. Pour on some vinegar and leave it overnight. In the morning the vinegar will have descaled the pot and the black burnt-on mess will simply wipe away.

The Pink Stuff.
Next time you see this little tub on the shelves of your local supermarket pick it up. Using 99% natural ingredients, it’s advertised as a miracle cleaning paste and it really is. Great for cleaning the oven, hobs and pretty much anything you put it to work on.

The Magic Eraser
One other item you should pop into your shopping trolley next time you are in the supermarket, is the Magic Eraser. Every cleaning press should stock a few Magic Erasers. They are sure to solve some of your tougher cleaning problems. Magic erasers are great for removing biro off walls, restoring grubby trainers to white, cleaning car rims and removing scuffs and dirt from skirting boards and plastic.

Happy Spring Cleaning, but remember, before using any cleaning product, do wear protective gloves and be sure the product is safe to use on your various surfaces. Store all cleaning products out of reach of children.


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