Spring Cleaning Tips and Household Hacks

When we’re all at home during lockdown, many of us are taking this opportunity to finally tackle those household spaces that are in desperate need of tidying up. When it comes to spring cleaning, projects typically involve a bit of washing, decluttering and reorganizing.
To this end, here are some top tips and links for spring cleaning that are sure to help you save space and freshen up areas in your home.

Tips for a Full Household Spring Clean

If you are determined to scrub the house from top to toe as part of a lockdown spring clean, then check out the YouTube video above for great cleaning life hacks featuring Mrs Hinch and Lynsey Queen of Clean. They’ll show you how to freshen up grubby doors with fabric softener, refresh a smelly mattresses with bicarbonate of soda and keep your toothbrush free from toilet germs. For more household cleaning hacks from Mrs Lynch visit her YouTube and Instagram account or Click HERE.

For more cleaning tips from Lynsey Queen of Clean visit her blog by clicking HERE.

Organise Your Fridge and Freezer

We all agree that it’s important to keep our fridge and freezer clean to avoid bad smells and maintain good food hygiene. It’s also important however, to keep your fridge and freezer organised. Why? A well organised fridge and freezer is important because it actually saves you money. How many of us end up throwing out food and wasting money because we forgot about an item we couldn’t see tucked behind the milk and cheese?
For top tips on keeping a clean, organised and economical fridge and freezer, follow these links and watch organization guru Justine Pattinson advise on containers, hygiene and space.
Click HERE and HERE

Organise Your Clothes

When it comes to organizing drawers and wardrobes of clothes, it’s all about folding and the folding guru is Marie Kondo, a professional organizer from Japan who has revolutionized the way millions of people declutter and organise their homes all over the world through her website (, books and a series on Netflix.
To master the Marie Kondo method of folding clothes to save space, Click HERE.


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