Planning Application For 24,500 Ton Recycling Dump In Thurles Launched.

The planning application by Ryan Cleaning Event Specialists Ltd, for a 24,500 tonnes, per annum, waste facility, close to an already granted 5,000 ton facility, both to be located at Cabragh Business Park in Thurles, can now be viewed in detail.

Click HERE to view in full and having opened the online page: –
Next – Go to pale green tab centre marked ‘View scanned files.’
Next – Click on box centre of uploaded page, marked ‘I Agree‘ and then click on ‘View Files‘.
View the relevant Planning Application data, by clicking on the various blue ‘JPEG View‘ links right of image.

Do remember that the file number assigned to this planning application is 21158.

Planning Application States.

Development Address: Cabragh Business Park, Ballycurrane, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

a) a single storey material recovery and transfer facility building (of floor area 1031 m sq).
b) a single storage detached prefabricated office building (floor area 60 m sq) with signage on both buildings.
c) vehicular access to the site is via the as constructed existing entrance.
d) a service yard with vehicle weighbridge and vehicle washing area with the site.
e) on-site staff and visitor car parking and truck parking areas.
f) all necessary ancillary site development works to facilitate this development with boundary treatment and landscaping.
g) all associated site works consisting of petrol interceptor and silt traps and connection to existing septic tank and upgraded percolation area with all associated site works (the application relates to an activity requiring a waste facility permit from Tipperary County Council, the waste tonnage for acceptance and handling at the facility will not exceed 24,500 tonnes per annum).

For the many angry local residents, with young families, now residing and paying heavy mortgages; who have contacted Thurles.Info, and who are living in the immediate area of the Cabragh Business Park; you can find more information on the planning application process, by visiting HERE.

It is expected that local councillors (especially those with a financial interest), will support this planning application, thus turning Thurles into a dumping ground, with waste from neighbouring counties being dragged through and stored in the centre of a residential area.

Residents should now write to both local TD’s, namely Mr Lowry / Mr Cahill and to all Thurles Municipal District Councillors asking: – (A) Do they hold any financial interest in either dump, present or purposed, within the Cabragh Business Park venue, which we understand is also being used temporarily, by yet another independent recycling group, namely Ryan Brothers, Mill Road? (B) Will they commit to opposing any other such planning licence, now and into the future?


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