Aerial View Of Thurles Great Famine Double Ditch Project

Dublin City Council is investigating the circumstances surrounding the demolition of the former home of a 1916 leader. View RTÉ report HERE
Meanwhile, here in Thurles Co. Tipperary, the scene is one of similar deception by Tipperary Co. Council.

Our readers will be aware of the reply we received from Tipperary County Council officials Ms Janice Gardiner or Mr. Eamon Lonergan, (we are unsure of the actual author – View HERE ) that, quote “Tipperary County Council has reviewed all documentation relating to the planning aspects of the Thurles Inner Relief Road Project and can find no reference to the existence of the feature/path/monument you describe.”

In relation to the word’s “feature” and “path”, we here at Thurles.Info decided to check.
Despite massive expense incurred, we flew a Drone over the area.

Low and behold, as agreed by Google Maps, we discovered the Double Ditch has not moved, and 175 years later, it still exists in exactly the same spot; operating as a Thurles right-of-way and a Mass path, despite the reports by An Bord Pleanala Report (PL79.JP0024); the 2013 EIA Screening Report and the 2013 Archaeological Impact Statement, and so on and so on.

Very soon we will prove without doubt that deceitful or misinformed Tipperary County Council officials and prevaricating elected representatives are attempting, through subterfuge, to destroy valuable Thurles Heritage.


4 comments to Aerial View Of Thurles Great Famine Double Ditch Project

  • Michael

    Lovely aerial view George. I hope it is not damaged by anyone.

  • Patrick Connolly

    It is bad enough that the hospital of the assumption was demolished taking with it a history that can never be brought back, Thurles needs to keep intact it’s historical landmarks and culture and maybe someday some generation might learn from our history and do the right thing not the profitable or easy thing.

  • Katie

    Patrick. I had no idea the Assumption Hospital was demolished. I was of the understanding that it was extended. My Father John O’Connell died in that Hospital in the seventies also my uncle Tom Ryan from Two Mile Boris. We have visited the Assumption many times. The one thing we always regret, do you remember the Hut just inside the gate where a Man was always standing there. He said to me one morning after telling him we were going in to see Tom. And he said ‘I am a relation of yours’. But I never asked him how come. The gardens and the Church was lovely. Great history wiped out. Patrick do you know where the records of the patients are now. I am hoping to get my Father’s papers.

  • Katie

    Patrick. I thought you might like to look up a fantastic site. I just got it up. Its ‘National Inventory of Architectural Heritage’. It’s a great site about old buildings around Ireland. George have you every heard of the banshees singing outside the doors well its not really singing but some type of humming.
    It’s suppose to let you know someone in that house has died or someone is going to die. A dear senior from Limerick told us this the other day. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. I sort of remember my Grandmother saying something about banshees. Maybe some of your readers might know the history of this rumour. Daniel O. Donnell is on the radio singing. “I can’t feel at home in this world anymore” Daniel is well know over here for his singing. Keep save.

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