Safe-Touch Keyring

Safe-Touch Keyring – a simple device that could save you from Covid-19 virus contamination.

With the COVID-19 virus very much now part of our everyday lives, we all need to stay safe! In order to increase our safety we need to fully understand how the virus is spread.

Introducing the ‘Safe – Touch Keyring

Apart from close direct contact with persons infected, the Health Service Executive (HSE) warn us of the dangers of touching surfaces that someone, who has the virus, has coughed or sneezed on. So when you bring unwashed hands to your face (eyes, nose or mouth) the virus is transferred, resulting in infection.

The Coronavirus can survive for:

  • 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel.
  • 4 hours on copper
  • 24 hours on cardboard

The Safe-Touch Keyring © (pictured above) is a simple device that attaches directly to your car or house keys, thus allowing you to carry out many tasks without physically touching possibly contaminated surfaces. [See video hereunder].

These Safe-Touch keyrings are available in colours, gold, silver and matte-nickel and can be purchased for a mere €3.99 inclusive of all postage & packing costs.

For details of where to get your Safe-Touch keyring, view HERE.


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