Death Of Erin Foods & Expected Regeneration

The Japanese Kobelco excavator; its long arm fitted with a jaw like bucket reminiscent of a Triassic period Dinosaur, has now for the moment ceased its persistent pounding, having chewed up every remaining morsel of the once large, proud, busy industrial unit, known as Erin Foods, Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

In just 14 days this former factory and its outbuildings; which in the past had provided a large workforce with an acceptable livelihood; while educating whole families and supporting local businesses, has now been reduced to a pile of dust and rubble.

The factory, which was closed in June 2008 after 46 years of production, by owners Premier Foods Ireland, had remained empty for almost the last 12 years.

But, out of this pile of rubble in this area, a colourful and vibrant Phoenix is now expected to be cyclically regenerated; rising from the ashes of its predecessor in the form of the German global discount supermarket chain known as Lidl Stiftung & Co..

Like it or like it not, the centre of Thurles is about to move its hub, from the historic Liberty Square, 600 metres distant, to Slievenamon Road, certainly in the next two years.

For businesses currently operating in the Liberty Square / Friar Street / Cathedral Street and Parnell Street areas; regardless of the current short-term regulations governing the Covid-19 pandemic, same have already begun to experience a huge reductions in their footfall. Once attractive businesses who have recently announced their intention to cease trading in the months ahead, will further add to this inevitable loss of business and isolation to other traders.

But business people are not really talking publicly about their inevitable demise, neither are they attempting to offer possible solutions.

So during this short time spent ‘Cocooning’, ‘Social Distancing’, ‘Restriction of Movements’ and forced ‘Self-Isolation’; why not let’s chat about the future.

How can we amalgamate, harmonise and fairly include, from a social and business perspective, the areas Liberty Square and Slievenamon Road, to the betterment of the town?.

Eliza Jane Brennan, my grandmother regularly stated, “If there is a problem, there is usually a solution. If there is no solution, it may be a fact of life. Live with it, but first seek that solution.”

Here on Thurles.Info. we welcome such public debate on how we can seek to save our town centre. We look forward to publishing all and any of your ideas. Send all correspondence to our website HERE

[Note: Names of contributors will not be published should they so request.]

Let’s Talk.


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