Thurles Parish Mass Now Live-Streamed Direct On This Website

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Another 40 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the Republic of Ireland today. This brings the total number of those affected to 169 persons in the Republic and 214 on the whole island of Ireland, after Northern Ireland increased their numbers by 11 persons, thus bringing their total to 45.

Readers of can now click on our top header image to obtain basic advice from the Health Service Executive (HSE), same advice being in line with the strategy followed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

Unconfirmed reports, tonight, indicate that further measures to halt the spread of Covid-19, here in the Republic of Ireland, will be introduced by our caretaker government, sometime tomorrow.

Daily Thurles Mass Livestream

In light of the fact that it has become necessary to cancel both weekend and daily Masses here in Thurles and indeed countywide; same in order to comply with the public health authority’s immediate requirement [i.e No more than 100 people permitted to gather indoors in both town and country churches across the Archdiocese]; a new Daily Thurles Mass Livestream link has been posted in a widget (See Top Right Hand Side) on the website

Our Thurles Parish Mass being live-streamed this morning, regrettably ran into some problems, when a very large numbers of our Christian faithful attempted to log-on, all at the same time. To avoid this happening into the future, a direct link can now be accessed direct from this website.


2 comments to Thurles Parish Mass Now Live-Streamed Direct On This Website

  • Patrick Hayes

    Thanks for the Mass stream link. My sister Rita, whom you met and chatted with last year, is a daily attendee at local Mass in Wake Forest, North Carolina. Now that we’re all under quarantine restrictions, she is able to use the link early in the morning and attend the ‘Irish’ Mass with enthusiasm.

    Patrick Hayes
    Fremont California

  • Kathleen Bourke

    Thank you.

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