Müller Yoghurts Recalled From Irish Stores

Several products manufactured by Müller have been recalled by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland over fears of the presence of small pieces of metal. This recall referrs to batches of yoghurt, dessert and rice products. 

Product details:
Müller Corner Fruit 6 Pack – Cherry & Blackberry/Raspberry
Pack size 6x143g. Best before 4th March.
Müller Corner Fruit 6 Pack – Strawberry & Peach/Apricot
Pack size 6x143g. Best before 26th February, 2nd March.
Brooklea Light Fruit 6 Pack – Raspberry and Cranberry, Strawberry
Pack size 1050g (6x175g). Best before 2th March. , 26th February, 4th March.
Milbona Fat Free Greek Yoghurt – Strawberry
Pack size 4x125g. Use by 4th March.
Milbona Fat Free Yoghurt Multipack – Mixed
Pack size 6x165g. Use by 26th February, 4th March.
Milbona Fat Free Fruit Yoghurt – Strawberry
Pack size 165g. Use by 4th March.
Müller Corner Favourites 6 Pack – Strawberry, Vanilla/Chocolate Balls & Digestive Biscuit
Pack size 6×130/143g. Best before 3rd March.
Müllerlight 6 Pack – Strawberry, Cherry & Raspberry/Cranberry
Pack size 6x160g
Best before 7th March.
Müllerlight – Cherry Single
Pack size 1x160g. Best before 13th March.
Müllerlight 6 Pack – Mango/Passionfruit, Peach/Pineapple & Mandarin
Pack size 6x160g. Best before 14th March.
Müllerlight Greek – Strawberry
Pack size 4x120g. Best before 7th March.
Müller Rice 6 Pack – Apple & Raspberry
Pack size 6x180g. Use by 8th March.
Müller Bliss Mascarpone Style Yogurt – Peach & Apricot
Pack size 4x110g. Best before 10th March.
Brooklea Light Strawberry Single Pot
Pack size 175g. Best before 26th February 4th March.

The Food Safety Authorities advice to consumers is if you have bought any of the above products, do not eat them. Instead, return them to the store from where they were bought for a full refund.

Note: This recall alert was issued yesterday. 


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