Confirmed – “NO Sub-Post Office For Friar Street, Thurles”

It has been confirmed to Thurles. Info that there will be no question of a Sub-Post Office being located in SuperValu, situated at Friar Street, or indeed any other location here in Thurles, Co. Tipperary.

Mr Angus Laverty, Public Affairs Manager with An Post has stated that the company is more than happy with its move to Thurles Shopping centre.

The question of a Sub-Post Office on Friar Street had first been raised by business owners on Friar Street, several months ago. SuperValu had been targeted as having an adequate free parking area to the rear of its sole business premises, thus identifying that parking charges in Liberty Square, was the reason for An Post’s move in the first place.

In more recent days outgoing Fianna Fáil Tipperary TD Mr Jackie Cahill had stated, “I have had a number of meetings with the owner of Supervalu Friar Street, Mr Tom Barry, with a view to having a Sub Post Office located at his store.

Because of the closure of the Post Office Branches in the villages around Thurles, and the relocation of the Thurles Branch to the Shopping Centre, I believe we need a sub post office to cater for the needs of older people particularly.

The Supervalu on Friar Street has ample parking to cater for people who do not want to make the trip to the Shopping Centre, and many SuperValu’s right around the Country have Sub-Post Offices, therefore Thurles must be treated equally.

I have made initial contacts with Senior Management in An Post to begin the process”.

Meanwhile, questions are now being asked why an initial petition which local residents were encouraged to sign, regarding the halting of An Post’s decision to move to Thurles Shopping Centre, on Saturday 24th September 2019, was indeed ever presented to An Post.
Thurles.Info has been unable to confirm if this signed petition was actually ever delivered.

Today, customers of An Post welcome the warmth and shelter afforded by the Thurles Shopping Centre’s long corridors and they claim that this protection from a freezing, wind and rain swept, Liberty Square, Thurles has come 20 years too late.


2 comments to Confirmed – “NO Sub-Post Office For Friar Street, Thurles”

  • Pat

    Again, Jackie Cahill T.D. blowing wind with no substance to his claims giving false hopes to Thurles and it’s environs. Good to have this issue put to bed and hopefully no more false claims or promises by the T.D.

  • Chris

    People unfairly criticised Michael Lowry for not doing more to save the post office in the square. Michael was the former Minister of Communications and no doubt still has contacts in An Post. Once Lowry didn’t get behind the campaign, I knew there was no hope for that building in Liberty Square. Ironically Thurles town councillors, when it existed, were calling for an post to refurbish the post office for years.

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