‘Faux Pas’ Comment by Jackie Cahill TD, Has Female Tipp. Electorate Fuming

Outgoing Fianna Fáil TD Mr Jackie Cahill has fallen foul of ‘herself indoors’ in recent days; leaving more than a few of our fairer sex, here in his constituency of Co. Tipperary, absolutely fuming.

The cause of this slowly erupting female irritation has come about following a ‘faux pas’ comment made by Mr Cahill regarding mental health issues in a broadcast with Tipp FM Radio’s ‘Tipp Today’ programme presented by Mr Fran Curry.

On the programme broadcast some 8 days ago and headed, ‘Meet The General Election Candidates’, Mr Cahill, a former Fianna Fáil spokesperson, for Food and Horticulture, was asked by presenter Mr Fran Curry, “And are people blaming you Jackie and blaming Fianna Fáil for the genesis of the mental health issue, in terms of beds and loosing beds out of the county”.

Mr Cahill defended the above question by stating, “I think people on mental health, just want things to improve Fran, you know a lot of fat women, you know, on the canvass obviously meeting a lot of people at doors, you do meet people who have had their own personal tragedies and you know that it is rough ………”.

Was Mr Cahill nervous going on radio? Was he intimidated by Mr Curry’s question? Did he mean to say ‘unfortunate women’, ‘infatuated women’, or did he mean to use some other verbal descriptive adjective, expressing sympathy, that related to his female voters?

The quick answers to these questions, – honestly, “we do not know”. No doubt Mr Cahill will be on the air waves to explain his unfortunate remark on Monday morning next, just like his Fianna Gael colleagues in Dáil Éireann, latter who have spent most of the last 3 years continuously apologising for overruns in spending, homelessness, our present health services and the myriad of other mismanagements, which occurred on their watch.

You can listen to Mr Cahill’s political broadcast remarks by clicking HERE and moving the pod cast voice slider to 2.14 on the slider scale, to hear both the question by Mr Curry and Mr Cahill’s reply.

Worthy of note: A recent study undertaken by Tipperary women has confirmed that women who carry a little weight, usually live a lot longer than the men who unwisely mention it.

One Other Election Issue Of Note In Tipperary

Meanwhile, on one other election issue; something that deviates from what the Tipperary electorate have come to regard as standard or even normal, in their dealings with all politicians. See the poster being used by outgoing Independent TD Mr Séamus Healy, above & left.

Unlike other politicians, latter who have plastered posters on every item standing perpendicular or having an incline approaching the perpendicular, here in Thurles town; Mr Healy has only hung a mere 3 posters in total in Thurles, but his posters are the only ones bearing that little word, we hopefully continue to teach our children; the word ‘Please’.

All other politicians in Tipperary and around Ireland could learn from Mr Seamus Healy’s etiquette and poster demeanour.
For this word ‘Please’ alone, in my eyes, Mr Healy will be numbered in my own top 3 preferences in this upcoming general election.


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