A Chance For Readers To Win One Cash Prize Of €50.00 On Thurles.Info

Spot The Stupidity Folks

A competition to spot the fckupp.

Can you, our readers, spot the stupidity in the picture hereunder, by 12:00 noon tomorrow, Monday October 28th. Thurles people only, with the correct answer will have their names placed into a raffle, with the final winner taking home one cash prize of €50.00.
Note: The name of the winner will be published on this website.

You can contact us with your entry HERE

Oh, and by the way, Councillor Mr Jim Ryan, the new signs are not replacing the “old outdated signs”; same old signs still remain in place to this very day, to the embarrassment of Thurles town dwellers.
One such embassassment indeed exists within metres from your own front gate on Manor Mill Road, which you, as an elected councillor, from 2008 to current date, has driven past several times daily, for the last 11 years.

Readers please note: The Erin Foods factory that had been in operation in Thurles, Co Tipperary, for 46 years, closed in June 2008, with the loss of 95 jobs, never to be replaced.

While it may take, as in this case, over 15 months to be acted on; note, of course we do not mind Co. Councillors making “gratuitous acclaim” on their social media pages for that which we have highlighted on numerous occasions, e.g. [July 10th 2018] – [March 21st, 2019], same brought about by “the unyoked humour of said councillor’s continued idleness”. Yes, we intend to continue to highlight such issues into the future, in our attempt to highlight that which requires immediate action, within our local community.

Thurles.Info are delighted to observe that at last local Thurles Municipal District councillors are reading our website and taking the information, gleaned from same, to Tipperary Co. Council meetings.

Perhaps Councillor Mr Jim Ryan might like to make contact again with Tipperary Co. Council engineers, tomorrow morning; as their appointed workforce would appear to have been working in the dark on the Templemore Road in the last few days.

Do check in with us in the coming days, when we again hope to bring “a rush of blood” to the faces of our local elected representatives.


1 comment to A Chance For Readers To Win One Cash Prize Of €50.00 On Thurles.Info

  • Pat

    Accountability in Tipperary County Council! Obviously there is none. What fool authorised and or erected this sign directly behind a ‘Speed Camera’ sign? I rest my case.

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