Councillors Move To Prevent Sniper Attack In Thurles

Nearly 2,000 Gardaí are being drafted in for just one day, into Doonbeg Co. Clare, to protect a 400-acre property and its two owners. This one-day-event will cost the Irish tax payer nearly €11million Euro, when Defence Forces and local authority costs are taken into account.

Irish Army Ranger snipers backed up by elite Garda units will patrol the golf course itself.

US President Mr Donald Trump, aged 72, and his 49-year-old wife Mrs Melania Trump will arrive into Shannon Airport on the morning of Wednesday June 5th next and will meet with our Irish Taoiseach Mr Leo Varadkar at Shannon Airport, before heading to his Doonbeg hotel for a game of golf.

Meanwhile, Back Here In Thurles

Meanwhile, back here in Thurles, (according to our hidden cameras), two days prior to our local election, and for the first time in 5 years; staff employed by Tipperary Co. Council, bet down the wild marsh grasses and willow saplings on the river Suir near Barry’s Bridge. We understand that same were seen to pose a “Clear and Present Danger” to some outgoing councillors; latter who feared that snipers could hide, totally unseen, in the dense undergrowth, as same councillors paraded, grinning, around Liberty Square, totally unprotected and without a Garda in sight.

Would not this same €11million Euro have been better spent on a Ring Road for Thurles? This will be the burning question, here in Thurles Town, this morning; well it probably will be when everyone eventually wakens up.


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