Final Tallies For Templemore / Thurles Municipal District

Final Tallies for the Templemore / Thurles Municipal District Local Election, announced on May 25th 2019.

Same Tally Results are as follows:

Michaél Lowry. Ind. 1658.
Seamus Hanifin. F.F. 1508.
Peter Ryan. F.G. 1505.
Jim Ryan. Ind. 1278.
Sean Ryan. F.F. 1158.
David Doran. Ind. 1029.
Fergal Butler. F.F. 564.
Tommy Barrett. Ind. 322.
Ciara McCormack. S.F. 262.
Catherine Fogarty. Ind. 112.
Michael Bracken. Ind. 87.

The count continues tomorrow, with the distribution of second and further preference votes for this 5 seater Municipal District.


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