Tipperary County Council Wasting Tax Payers Money

O Dear! O Dear! O Dear! Yes, it has happened again for the second time in less than a month. Yes, we highlighted the serious issue of the Cathedral Street pedestrian crossing on February 1st 2018 (It took 10 weeks to fix). Again, on July 16th 2018 (This time it took 11 weeks to fix). Again, reported on December 2018 (Issue totally ignored). We highlighted the problem again on January 22nd 2019 in an effort to remind our Co. Council Health & Safety officials of their obligations (Yes, repair persons got around to fixing it 4 weeks later in early March). Now I bet you can’t guess what is after happening just yesterday.

It would appear, the previous fixers armed with their pliers and screwdriver, failed to report to the appropriate authority that 16-wheeler lorries are responsible for hitting this sign, in their efforts to pass each other on this stretch of the Cathedral Street road.

Interesting to note that the Irish language word for ‘Road’ is ‘Bóthair’, which translated into common Celtic means a “cow path”, and compared to the size of trucks forced to pass through Thurles, our roadways are just that, “cow paths”.

When the various political canvassers come calling, seeking your vote in the Local Government Elections, latter taking place on Friday May 24th 2019, do ask them about their complete failure to progress our long-promised Thurles Ring Road.

Actually, don’t waste your breath, sure Tipperary County Council officials don’t give local elected Templemore / Thurles Municipal Councillors any information, e.g. the “Cabragh Houses” controversy. If present day councillors were removed from the equation altogether, we would be much more enlightened with regard to the decision-making process.


2 comments to Tipperary County Council Wasting Tax Payers Money

  • Pat

    A few nuts and bolts should solve this issue and if not why not put an arm on the support pole and thereby bring the traffic lights in closer on the footpath and trucks will not hit the sign. This issue is all about accountability and pride in our town by the County Council officials and there appears to be none.

  • Michael


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