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Last Request From Irishman Condemned To Death

An Englishman, Irishman, Welshman, Scotsman were recently captured while fighting in Homs province with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIS.

The leader of the terrorist group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi speaking to the captives demanded, “Boys, we’re going to make an example of you. We are going to line you up in front of a firing squad and shoot each of you in turn. But first, I will allow each of you to make a final wish.”

The Scotsman is first to reply; “I’d like to hear that traditional song ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, preferably sung by that Scottish rock band The Silencers, just one more time. It will to remind me of the good times when I lived in the auld country and bring back happy memories of midnight on Hogmanay”.

The Englishman quickly salutes before stating, “I would like to hear “God Save The Queen”, just one more time to remind me of that once great British Empire. I would like to hear it sung by the London Male Voice Choir, with Cotswold Morris Clog Dancers tapping out the tune in the background.”

The Welshman in a more sombre voice states, “I’d like to hear “Men Of Harlech” just one more time, again to remind me of my countries rich Welsh national feeling, and sung if possible by the Treorchy Male Voice Choir.”

The Irishman quickly states “Is their any chance ye could arrange to feckin shoot me first.”


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