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Warning As Gardaí Particularly Active In Rural Tipperary

[Another chuckle hopefully for Thurles native Eileen Leen. Good morning Eileen and thank you for your message.]

Mikey Ryan’s wife Caoimhe, was heading for Centenary Thurles Co-Op creamery, on the Templemore road, carrying two churns of fresh milk. She was trotting along nice and steady, seated on her donkey and cart, when without warning her distant thoughts were interrupted, with the haulting of her conveyance by none other than Thurles Gardaí.

“Ma’am”, said the Sergeant, “I’m not going to summons you this time, but I do have to issue you with a warning, as you have a defective reflector on the rear of your donkeys cart”.

“Oh begod”, said Caoimhe,“Faith I’ll let Mikey know about that just as soon as I get home.”

“That’s fine” said the officer, “Oh and by the way one other thing ma’am,  I don’t like the way that one end of the asses reins is lying across the animals back, while the other end appears to be attached to his testicles. In this day and age this situation could be easily misconstrued as a cruelty to animals case, resulting in a court appearance. So best to get your husband to takes care of that reins issue as well”.

The Gardaí left about their business and later that morning, over the 11.00am tea break, having unloaded two churns of skimmed milk for the pigs; Caoimhe tells her husband about her encounter with Thurles Gardaí.

“What exactly did the Sergeant say?” said Mikey.
“He said my reflector was defective” said Caoimhe.
“It’s all these bloody new European Union (EU) safety farming rules and regulations brought in” said Mikey, “Still no problem, sure I can fix that in a few minutes; now was there anything else?”.
“I’m not really sure exactly”, said Caoimhe, “these uniformed individuals are inclined to fluster me, but I thing he wasn’t too happy about the donkeys emergency braking system.”

Yea, with these new EU rules, sure you’d be truly kept on your toes here in rural Tipperary. So why don’t you drop in some time, sure there’s always tae in the pot.


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