Templemore’s Rachel Ryan Takes Gold In Loker Stadium

rachel-ryan-soiMassive congratulations to top athlete Miss Rachel Ryan who was first to cross the finish line, taking a gold medal in the track events at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles.

Miss Ryan aged 26 and a native of Templemore in Co. Tipperary, who was running in the 400 metres event at Loker Stadium, also posted a personal best time in her race this afternoon in 30 degree heat.

“I’m very happy and excited, I didn’t think I was going to come first, but I guess when you don’t think a thing it ends up happening. So I’m very excited,”  Miss Ryan stated.

Miss Ryan’s Gold, up to time of my writing, now brings to 22 the number of medal’s secured by the Irish Team at this year’s Summer Games.

M/s Ailish Smyth, head athletics coach, stated that she was thrilled with the performance of her athletics contenders.

These 2015 Special Olympics Summer games will continue until August 2nd, with athletes from across Ireland competing in 12 different disciplines.


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