Taoiseach Enda Kenny Will Visit Thurles Tomorrow

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According to a report in North Tipperary’s Nenagh Guardian Newspaper, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny is expected to visit Templemore, Co Tipperary, tomorrow Monday (February 2nd 2015). According to this same report the purpose of his visit is to welcome the latest batch of 100 Garda students selected to enter the Garda Training College in the town.

An Taoiseach is also reported to be visiting St Patrick’s College, here in Thurles to observe at first hand the magnificent facilities and opportunities available to current and prospective future students at the College and to meet with the administrator Fr. Tom Fogarty.

Although not publicly reported, An Taoiseach is also likely to visit the Arrabawn CO-OP Group Headquarters in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, in which an event is being held with Ministers Mr Richard Bruton, Simon Coveney and Mr Alan Kelly, Backbench TD Mr Noel Coonan and Minister of State Mr Tom Hayes; latter all believed to be in attendance.

The newspaper reports their source as emanating from Deputy Mr Noel Coonan TD.

Mr Kenny’s last visit to Thurles was almost 3 years ago on Thursday, May 24th 2012. Back then, while speaking to an assembled audience at a convened ‘Breakfast Briefing,’ Mr Kenny stated: “The prospectus for Thurles should be as fine as anywhere else and I will take Deputy Coonan up on his offer to come back to Thurles with positive news for the town. I am happy to associate myself with efforts made locally by bodies such as Enterprise Ireland and Shannon Development to mention a few.

Real Economic Facts:

North Tipperary Unemployment – Both Sexes – All Ages = 6,271

Nenagh – Both Sexes – All Ages = 2,542, Roscrea – Both Sexes – All Ages = 1,193, Thurles – Both Sexes – All ages = 2,536.

South Tipperary Unemployment – Both Sexes – All Ages = 7,864

Cahir – Both Sexes – All Ages = 1,135, Carrick-On-Suir – Both Sexes – All Ages = 1,699, Cashel – Both Sexes – All Ages = 1,031, Clonmel – Both Sexes – All Ages = 2,478, Tipperary Town – Both Sexes – All Ages = 1,521.

Total Current Unemployed Persons in Co. Tipperary up to and including December 2014 = 14,135

Thurles.Info, having contacted various development groups, note with some disappointment that as we go to press today, voluntary Tipperary organisations e.g. Thurles Chamber of Commerce, Hidden Tipperary Tourism, Co Councillors, etc., are totally unaware of the Taoiseach’s reported visit.

Perhaps Mr Noel Coonan has “no positive news” for Thurles, or maybe he is afraid of local ISIS activity during An Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s visit.

Still at least now we know that Tipperary people are superfluous to our Irish economy; except in the case of blanket taxation; oh and yes I forgot, future votes for powerless politicians.


6 comments to Taoiseach Enda Kenny Will Visit Thurles Tomorrow

  • Catherine Fogarty

    Tipperary TD’s should hang their heads in shame at level of unemployment, emigration and the state of Hospital Service. It’s up to the voters to make a change.

  • Michael

    He knows that anyone he meets will go to town on him over robbing the poor and TD’S pensions, ETC. ETC. ETC. x 500.

  • Brian Fitzgibbon

    I welcome any visit by senior politicians to Thurles because it is only in that timeframe when they are here that the specific issues concerning Thurles can be discussed without distraction.

  • Catherine Fogarty

    Brian, I can’t agree with you there – these visits are timed and staged – why don’t our TD’s get the work done in the distraction free zone offered every day.

  • George Willoughby

    I also welcome visits by senior politicians to Thurles. I also welcome visits to Thurles by Co Tipperary politicians (and not just for funerals.)
    With regards to specific issues concerning Thurles being discussed, with whom are discussions taking place today?
    With the exception of St Patrick’s College, latter a worthy educational institution now threatened by cutbacks and future destruction by this government, there are none as far as I can ascertain.
    Thurles voluntary development groups are being treated by Fine Gael like a Vincent Browne “Peoples Debate” TV programme, with no discussion or attempts at future development or other interaction with their electorate.

  • Chris

    Where’s the good news for the town?

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