Cashel Palace Ceases Trading With Immediate Effect

DSC_0144One of Tipperary’s leading hotels, the Cashel Palace, situated at Main Street, Cashel on some 28 acres of ground, has closed its doors with the loss of some 30 permanent jobs.

The four star family owned and managed late Queen Anne style hotel, first opened its doors in 1962. Its award-winning restaurant, “The Bishop’s Buttery,” was awarded a Michelin star in 1982 and 1983 and an Egon Ronay star in 1982.

All staff were called to a meeting with their management this morning and were informed that reluctantly the facility would cease trading with immediate effect.

It is believed that from here Guinness porter was first accidentally conceived in the early to mid 1700’s at this same facility.  The story goes that the estate manager, Arthur Guinness’s father Richard Guinness was in charge of supervising the brewing of beer for the estates employees of the then resident protestant Archbishop Arthur Price.  A servant had been dispatched from the estate to purchase and convey the necessary beer making materials from a brewery stores here in Main Street, Thurles. Somewhere later in the brewing process, back in Cashel, some of these ingredients, possibly barley, was accidentally over roasted, thus providing that unique burnt flavour known to us today as porters ale or Guinness porter and described by the then Archbishop to guests as being “a brew of a very palatable nature.”

This latest closure further highlights the continuous failure by government and Fáilte Ireland to make any real worthwhile tourism investment in mid Tipperary, with hotel after hotel either closing down or entering into receivership.

Take a look at the Fáilte Ireland website this evening;

” Tourism brings much-needed foreign exchange, creates jobs and contributes to a better quality of life for Dubliners. The Grow Dublin Taskforce was established by Fáilte Ireland in late 2012 with the aim of reversing the downward trend in tourism to Dublin, which had begun in 2007, and driving growth to Dublin City and Region in the period to 2020.”

No ‘Grow Tipperary Taskforce,’ only the continuous trend of raiding Tipperary’s heritage for the benefit of an over priced Dublin tourism economy, e.g.  Faddan More Psalter, Derrynaflan Hoard, Book of Dimma, Two Mile Borris Viking Silver Coin Hoard, Carrick-on-Suir 17th Century Gold Coin Hoard etc.


6 comments to Cashel Palace Ceases Trading With Immediate Effect

  • Jane Ryan

    This is really sad news, such a beautiful place. Has been in need of investment for some time. I hope someone rescues this local treasure.

  • M Cahill

    So sad that this happened so close to Christmas. Surely some investor could be found to keep it going!

  • Katie.

    This makes no sense at all George. Why do these owners wait until the last minute to drop the bomb shell on those workers. But you know George I went into one of the many new Travel Agent’s who have just set up here on the Coast and all over Qld. I asked them the question “what if any information could they tell me about what to expect in Thurles, Clonmel, Fethard, Cashel, if one wanted to spend some time in these places.” Well George she had no idea what I was talking about. She said to me “To be quite honest Katie we have never heard of these places. She then proceeded to hand me travel brochures on Dublin. So I said no thanks. I might as well book a ticket to Melbourne no different than Dublin. George some how Thurles, Clonmel, Cashel and Fethard businesses must get on the wagon and put these places on the map. Otherwise more and more of these places will disappear. Don’t rely on “Failte Ireland” I will certainly contact them to see if we could help them in any way to promote Thurles and these other beautiful towns who have so much to offer the Tourists. Where better than the Gold Coast to do just that.

  • Michael

    Katie is 100% correct.

  • Peter Tremayne

    From Peter Tremayne, author of the Sister Fidelma Mysteries:

    I have known the Cashel Palace Hotel for many years and known its ups and downs during the 1970s to 1990s. The last change of owners was in c.1998 when it became one of the best run, most welcoming of hotels with a great and professional staff. I was shocked when I heard the news of its sudden closure. For me, it is inconceivable that it will be allowed to cease its existence. It is integral to the town; an iconic institution. Here, in 2004, I opened the Cashel Arts Fest and from 2006 it has been the focal point of the Féile Fidelma, a gathering of the international fans of my Sister Fidelma Mysteries, which are set in 7th Century Cashel. Fans representing 14 different countries attended last September and I know they were as much attracted to the Cashel Palace as the Féile. From Denis Heffernan, in the Guinness Bar, to the rest of the friendly, helpful staff and great ambience, the Féile won’t be the same without the Cashel Palace. All we can hope is that someone steps in to save it; someone who has the vision and sensitivity to keep this fundamental part of Cashel in existence.

  • Tim

    This is so so sad. I had never been to the Cashel Palace until earlier this year, when I was traveling through the town of Cashel, I stopped off for lunch. I was totally Gobsmacked by this place. It is one of Ireland’s hidden Gems. Absolutely magnificent Georgian building, old world charm at its best. The building itself has so much character and on a fine day, having afternoon tea in the garden out the back is just touch of heaven. I am so disappointed because I was so looking forward to returning there! One thing that did hit me that day was that, it certainly needed upgrading. It is crying out for carefully investment and a good management team with purpose and vision to drive the property to its potential, which would be: Excellent exclusive Wedding venue, should command a strong position in the local tourist trade and its Food and beverage trade would also would need to be developed further. However it oozes so much potential, that I just hope it falls into the right hands. This place is a “True Tipperary Treasure”

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